I am done with this game, horrible matchmaking and surrending make it impossible to enjoy "competetive" pvp

After 4 minutes into incursion, my team has just surrended 100-100 game, its not like we have been outplayed either, the average team rank was about 50. It seems that there is more problems than there was at the lunch! I see more and more people disconecting and surrending without putting any effort.
I wont be playing this game until gearbox makes some big changes in pvp.

This is a cultural thing.

So last night my team was down a member and we had to grab randoms to run in meltdown. We go up against a team of 3 and 2 and a Mellka joins in.

The Mellka goes 0 and two in the first 2 minutes (the first shards just popped) and as soon as she’s down the second time we get the surrender message. My whole team wtfs because we are beating the pants out off the opposing team. Ended up a 500 - 100 win for the team.

Sorry to hear that. I had a couple of games last night in Meltdown where we were down, the surrender request went out and fortunately a few of us refused and we pulled out some wins, had some close losses. It was great. Maybe try opening up mic chatter and discuss things to try out. “Instead of surrendering, lets just try out a strategy with this character geoup we have. No need to win, but see if we can’t improve our skill.”