I am getting tired of people leaving matches they need too give a punish or something

I was in uncursion 30 minutes ago in competitve and look what happen

Wow! That is unfortunate! for competitive matches you are right there needs to be an immediate penalty for leaving a match even through DC (although leave a window open for the person to return in the case of an internet failure)! Always seems to happen within 2 minutes of a team losing halving everyone’s exp gain which is annoying!

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Well, they should just grant full XP/creds etc to the winning team, regardless if it’s by surrender or drops. I mean, they won. The winners shouldn’t be punished.

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I am the galilea with 6-0

Hey, there! Did you know that the site has a search feature? There are already several topics on this issue, including one created about an hour ago.


Please use an existing thread, thanks.

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