I am hating these story missions so far

Defend the point missions have always bothered me. I am really struggling to find this fun right now. Just seems like there is too much to defend and too many enemies coming from too many directions.


Question: Before starting each wave are you building up defenses?

They really help


Ugh, I hate to admit it…but I’m feeling a bit of the same.

Nearly impossible on single player…

And the enemies tear down that hard earned turret in 2 seconds! What’s the point!?

I admit “The Archive” is hard, but I really enjoyed the challenge. At first I was pretty mad about our failures, but I think a game is useless if you just walk through it like getting milk from the grocery store.

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I’m irked at Renegade and how it never appears in the random choices, so I went to do it solo, got halfway through and lost…

Preparing ahead is very important, as has been stated. Don’t think of this just as building turrets though. Gear and team composition matter as well.

When me and my wife were doing renegade we both went in with gear that was upping buildable cost and ignored turrets. We failed on 2nd defense point. After going back in with a gear selection with buildable reductions (and no items that hurt your build cost) as well as shard generation we made it third defense point last wave. Just a little more tweaking (and knowledge now of where things will come from) and victory is ours.

Although single player is possible and acceptable, and rather fun for grinding out gear, this game was designed with co op in mind.

I’ve failed “The Saboteur” Mission like thrice already, in Co-op. Like the 3rd defense objective seems to keep getting ■■■■■■ very, very, easily. Thing doesn’t last more than a few tiny minutes.

Has anybody beaten it?

Same. The Saboteur, 3rd defend point is broken/impossible to defend for normal, everyday players. Cookie for you if you did it - you’re not one of us.

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I agree that these kind of story missions are a pain and not very funny…hated them in borderlands too.

They can be challenging, but you should give players a fair chance to do it…

Couldnt beat renegade on normal…Dont know if its a glitch, but one jennerit did a quarter of the defend bar damage…

The game is new. You need to level up and get better gear to make it easier. And learn the game better. Im glad its challenging, what’s the point if its a cake walk?

The problem is the simple structure…

I am not bad myself and got pretty much expericence in battleborn, but solo playing these kind of missions is tedious, because the enemy can kill your defense point in 5 seconds.

I have absolutely no problem if they throw me masses of enemies on screen, but not defending three times( thats the whole level) a defense point.

Btw the level of char and command is irrelevant and the gear wouldnt make it that easier…


Yup. This was a raised concern in the Beta, and it looks like it went unchanged. Really disappointing.

As for the rest of the campaign, I’ve completed it in a single 5 hour sitting solo with Marquis. Didn’t have any problems or failed mission. But having switched to a Melee character, a lot of problems are becoming relevant.

Without spoiling anything, in my opinion the best missions were 1, 2, and 8: none of that Wave defense garbage. Unfortunately what this meant was that I wasn’t wowed by anyting that I hadn’t already experienced in the Beta until the final mission.


Well I do like that they fixed the teleporter jump pads on the second mission, two people hop on and it permanently opens the jump pad!

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I’ve soloed The Renegade with Cald who is arguably the worst soloing char in the game. Who are you using? What types of turrets do you build? (hint: Always build thumpers)

I mean the loot quality. Getting good purple and legendary gear for your chracter will make things easier for sure. And once you get to a ceratin level you can buy good loot packs

I only tried it 3 times and built every trap and every turret and even used cheap tactis like oscar mike napalm grenades at the entrance and airstrike, but the last wave killed my defense point in about 8 seconds flat from more than over two third health.

Yep. Every wave all defenses are built. I’ve even done it with levels 4-7s and we still fail. My major qualm right now is with the experiment mainly because of the fact you have to defend the same point for 6-7 waves of enemies, not including the level boss who just conclstantly artillery strikes the main points. I’m not saying it should be a cake walk but for normal difficulty I feel that it is twice as hard as it should be. I played the ■■■■ out of the beta, got to command rank 25, but now I feel like I’ve never touched the game before.

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The Renegade mission is horrible alone. What is worse is dying halfway through and having to do it all again. I’m not a Dark Souls type player who loves to die over and over. That isn’t what I call fun.

I knew after the first area I had to defend that this will not be a mission I’ll be replaying for fun with other heroes like with the first 2 missions.