I am hating these story missions so far

lol did you do the mission 7 ? it’s gonna be a whole new level of cheese

Oscar Mike, the lightning turrets, and I built some of those fire traps.

And now we’re up to a 3rd mission that is painful to try with randoms… the one where you open up escorting a sentry as well.

I’m not going to lie, after playing story missions 20 times during beta (albeit the same ones) I am done mentally with the story mode of this game…

I’m not gonna lie, if you’re having trouble on The Renegade you may just need more practice. That mission is a cakewalk if you build thumpers and guard the roofs on the third point.

Oscar Mike might not have the clearing power I thought he had.

I really dislike having to pick one map of three choices instead of going for maps i have not played yet. I would also like to switch difficulties to try harder challenges on a non private game but since people have been having problems with regular online missions maybe its for the best that i can not.


I… really must agree here. I’m really sickened to see how little effort went into the Story Missions.

I feel cheated - playing the Algorithm back in the CCT and later the Open Beta was what made me want to buy the game in the first place - it was fast-paced, constant movement random fun with some funny Borderlands-style humorous voice overs. I probably played it 50+ times in the CCT alone.

The Open Beta introduced A LOT of changes I disliked that broke up the constant flow and forced it to a death halt at times while you are forced to wait for that one player chasing butterflies to come activate those stoopid “stand on me pressure plate” things. The parts added after Geoff were also INSANELY slow-paced (especially that retarded Golem boss).
Additionally, the “challenges” were all trials in equal levels of unfairness and impossibility, often being failed simply due to the game either not spawning enough of the enemy type, there not being enough of the activatable close by (or they were all already broken prior to the damn thing starting), or IMO the most ANNOYING one of all: those FCKING ANNOYING “Sumo Bots” wasting all your challenge time while they sit inside an bullsht invulnerability shield.

Regardless, I still played the crap outta the CCT. The Void was quite fun as well, even if it could be failed rather easily due to players not paying attention to mechanics or simply not defending the Sentry.

Now I can see those were the ONLY two ACTUAL Story Missions, and I feel VERY cheated - all the “new” ones are garbage “King of the Hill” and “Pseudo Tower Defense” bullsh*t that they probably threw together in 5 minutes.
These “new” maps are AWFULLY cluttered, and I have found almost ZERO hidden loot caches thus far (honestly pretty much all the “rare loot chests” were moved to be DIRECTLY in your way as you move through the missions as well, so you’d need to be a chimp with a severe brain hemorrhage to miss them…).


I’ve already mentioned that a lot of people are going to put off by the difficulty of the ‘normal’ mode. Especially for those of use who normally play with randoms.

I sat on the highest point the second time it happened and WATCHED - I actually did not even SEE anything shooting the damn thing - I’m convinced it’s some hit of DoT effect bug (one of my teammates got a similar unending DoT debuff buff during The Archive).

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Maybe we just need to get more familiar with the map. I could do the algorithm and voids edge with my eyes closed during the beta, but now i cant find a group that can clear one mission. I will say that ive played 4 missions and i do remember taking about 5-8 missions at the beginning of the beta before I really found a groove and never had much of an issue. I just hate the defend a point missions in any game ive ever played. Personally, a hectic atmosphere is neither conducive to cohesion or fun.

I don’t think the issue is familiarity - it’s “flow”. The new maps have FAR too few chests and such, and those speed pickups are VITAL when they are asking you to make mad dashes all over the place to attack spawners…

I sat on the highest point the second time it happened and WATCHED - I actually did not even SEE anything shooting the damn thing - I’m convinced it’s some hit of DoT effect bug (one of my teammates got a similar unending DoT debuff buff during The Archive).

Yeah, there’s something weird going on at the end of The Saboteur mission. Same thing in my game on normal. I didn’t see any red dots close to her and she was taken out in about 2 minutes. No clue what happened. Not fun.

Build defenses.

  1. Most of the time you want temporal traps, not inferno (many people make that mistake).
  2. Not sure about rocket turrets, I pick the machine gun ones just to be safe 'cause I think rockets might be hurting the core.
  3. Build a repair drone so it can repair the turrets/traps you built.

Also, The Saboteur is clearly imbalanced, ignore that mission.

This. So much this.

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My biggest problem with The Renegade is getting a 2nd person to come on the roof during the 3rd wave. Everyone just sits at the defend point killing stuff. I don’t think they realize the mobs spawn from those spikes and if you don’t destroy the spikes on the 3rd wave, you’re up ■■■■ creek.

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Yup, had that happen too.

In general, the missions can be kinda confusing for folks who don’t know where to go or what to do.

You’re lucky that was even an option for you!

I loved that mission, unfortunately everyone tries to choose it now so hard to get anything else. There are those heli-pad areas in the corners at the end that you can just stand on and kill 90% of the waves that spawn. If you are working on Attikus it’s great, tons of thralls to unlock him (I used Rath at first and almost none of the enemies escaped the pads, was getting about 300 Jennerit enemy kills a match) then once you have him it’s a good tactic to get your 25 “knock three enemies in the air at once” lore.

My only complain is that it’s impossible to get Gold or Platinum score solo. I already did most of the mission solo but I can’t get higher than siver even when I’m not dying.

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