I am in need of a DPUH

i am looking for a lvl 72 DPUH or OP8 DPUH i dont know honestly what i could trade or give you , we could come to some agreement

Just farm up some tokens and buy one. Its the easiest gun to get in the game!

Hey sup

You could get tokens in Pete’s bar fairly easily.
If you’re strictly looking for tokens and not experience,
then go to TVHM and repeat Bar Brawls until you reach 613 tokens.
Move to UVHM and Save/Quit the Toruge Machine till you see the DPUH
shouldn’t take too long

I’ve been farming these every 3 levels for my gunzerker…Do the Torgue machine farm and you’ll have one in no time.

Easiest places are the badass crater bar, the beatdown and the forge. All three places have a Torgue machine by their fast travel station.

I just farm the machine in Moxxi’s bar now - the PS4 version loads this level so quick there’s no need to wander around. I tested this against my old PS3 method (Which was Forge, Moxxi’s, Beatdown x 2 and Pete’s). Now I can check the machine in Moxxi’s 5 times in about half the time it used to take to check the five different machines.

thank you ill try this now

I can give u an op8 one. I have an extra that I have no need for.

that works to can you add me at everetth25 on psn please :slight_smile:

hey man i got it up for trade if u still need it