I am in need of assistance

I’m stuck on the Handsome Sorcerer boss, and was wondering if anyone wanted to help me defeat him.

Can only offer some tips, what’s your build/gear and what level is this on. The short answer for everyone but Sal (use DPUH/Grog) is too beehawk him like a boss and keep your distance using the grog for healing.

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I have a few weapons but some don’t do enough damage, and as soon as I got to the demonic sorcerer i couldn’t even scratch him

My Level: 59
Boss Level: 61
and I don’t have the grog anymore

What char are you playing with and what’s your build, just use BL2skills.com and cut and paste the URL. Like I said the bee/Sandhawk combo is pretty hard to beat with most chars. A Rubi works ok in place if a grog, but you shouldn’t give that up as the Grog is one of the best weapons in the game.