I am kind of sick of all the terror loot

really I don’t want it, I rather have a anointed gun that buffs damage after I use a skill or something but NOPE I get one that regenerates HP witch is super useless endgame because most characters have a way to do that on there own.


I have started going offline just so I can get normal drops again…

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I don’t get it. I’ve been using terror gear and I’m almost immortal and have 100% uptime on all of the buffs, including healing, ammo regen, a ton of crit damage, flat damage and fire rate. 300% damage after a skill sounds cool, but unless you’re farming Graveward, you only have that damage 20-30% of the time, while I have only slightly less damage from the terror buffs, but I have more fire rate, WAY more survivability and WAY more crit damage on 100% uptime. And you can still use your other anoints with these buffs. Seriously, people need to try this stuff.

On Zane, you can get a 100% uptime 50% EXTRA cryo damage on any weapon. On Fl4k, your pets can get 50% fire damage, which makes them actually kill stuff. Again, 100% uptime.

All you need is an item with “terror after action skill” and a fast, spammable skill and you’re golden. (And with fast, I mean a skill you can spam every 18 seconds.)

no on zane you get 0% up time because all the buffs you get AFTER a skill is used and ZANES SKILLS NEVER RUN OUT, they are SUPER useless and NONE of the effects buff damage and they do not make you immortal because most of them have to have a terror effect active so your aim is ■■■■ till you use a skill, and AFTER the event is over you need ones that cause terror TO YOU so you can wait more time to use it with ANOTHER gun so you can proc effects, not to mention you will never have terror in a boss fight and with the new overhaul to boss loot pools coming up I am going to be farming ALOT of bosses

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No offense, but I think you need to read what the items actually say. If you don;t want to play a spam zane, just run an item with “terror on melee” and a facepuncher. Melee or switch to the facepuncher every 18 seconds and you have the buff.

None of the effects buff damage? What do you think 50% cryo damage does? Or extra crit damage per terror stack? Or extra damage and fire rate while under the effect of terror? Do you understand what the word damage means?

ok at this point I think its clean you don’t know how zane works for max damage, or any character works…OR MATH! really OH 50% EXTRA CRYO DAMAGE, that’s cute I will keep my 200% damage thanks. also you know crit damage scales up with normal damage and gun damage buffs right?

So that’s how much the “dmg + fire rate” one gives per stack? Is the crit dmg one worthwhile?

You WILL have terror on a boss fight, because you can get terror by shooting him with a facepuncher and an item with the “terror after melee” anoint (which you could also get on a facepuncher BTW) or you can use your action skill every 18 seconds and get terror.

If you don’t understand what the items do, I could understand your frustration, but I explained it to you and you still don’t understand it. I’d love for the developers to make more stuff like this, but they’re probably not going to if no-one takes the time to actually READ what the items do and just complain about it.

Oh, the irony.

I love how you jumped around the fact that the face puncher does about as much damage as smacking something with a wet noodle and that the normal anointed grant way bigger and higher damage buffs lol

I don’t know for sure, but I believe it’s around 15%. Have to test more.

The crit damage one is very good indeed.

Please, read first before you reply.

Read what, something I already stated that your trying to spin and make sound good? the facepunch: one really lame weapon that even if you go full on melee build pretty much any purple shogun can out do with any put together build, stacking terror on yourself before you trigger your terror effect, probably dying while doing so and die unless your not playing on mayhem in witch case what is the point even? moving on you can maybe get 20-80% crit witch is not that great as the only vault hunter that really benefits from crit bonuses is Fl4k. Zane get dummy thicc amounts of damage fun moving as fast as he can, amara from stacking elemental effect damages, and moze is just…her thing is she shoots alot and takes forever to kill anything.
IN ANY CASE the terror effects are really really bad when compared to the normal anointed gear.


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I dislike the mechanics, too. Sad that this event overlaps with the anointed drop chance event.

You don’t understand what the items do, that’s why i asked you to read first, but you still didn’t. Sorry, I’m done. I’ve tried to explain it in very simple terms, but if you’re just going to scream at me that I somehow don’t understand the game while you don’t even know what a facepuncher does with an “after melee” anoint and how you can use that to have 100% uptime on a bunch of damage and survivability buffs, I’m done arguing with you.

do you not understand the effect are weak and even if you do have 100% up time they still suck, also you do know terror makes pretty much everything you do terrible? I have looked at all the effects, the best things is the 50% cryo WHILE terrified (so good luck hitting anything) and some very low damage buffs

If you use the fire rate and damage anoint, you don’t get the debuff.

also not to mention for your build to work you need to melee…have you not played on mayhem 3? that is pretty much the same thing as saying: down yourself, more so if your fighting bandits and they have the 40% damage buff.
on top of that I don’t think you know how numbers work, 45% crit does not outdo 100%+ damage buffs

also the 50% cryo isn’t that great because its 50% of your current weapons damage, your better off just finding a anointed that buffs your damage by 100% on skill use, NUMBER MAN! NUMBER NEED TO GO UP AND TERROR NUMBERS DON’T GO UP AS HIGH.
I have said it like 50 times already if you don’t get that the number 50 isn’t as high as 100 you need to stop posting dude.