I am missing a few things after a playthrough


I started a game as FL4K, did the normal mode, and for TVHM and Mayhem modes, I am missing the Borderlands Science arcade machine in Tannis’ lab. I thought maybe it was only available on basic mode, so I started a new playthrough as Zane and it is not there. Do I need to do something to trigger the arcade machine to show up?

Additionally, I thought that there was something called weapon skins that I was unlocking in the game, but I see no menu to change them, even when I follow the YouTube videos I don’t seem to have the option…

Finally, I notice that when inspecting a weapon, there are challenges associated under the manufacturer tab, which say that they can be inspected under the Challenges menu. I feel like I have been through every menu in the game - this menu doesn’t seem to be there?

Could somebody please point me in the right direction about why these things are missing for me? I wasn’t paying attention to the last two things on my first playthrough, so I don’t know if they were there and then left.

Thanks so much!

The science machine should be there as soon as you get to sanctuary. And the heads and skins are changed from the respec station by the player rooms. Some show up as social mail in the start menu and need to be claimed before they are available.

Make sure you are online and have the latest patch and hotfixes. You’ll need to sit on the main menu screen until the hotfix applied sign shows up on the light post. You’ll also see the hotfix date in the news section on one of the tabs.

The science machine should be there all the time. The weapon skins can be changed by inspecting the weapon first in your inventory, after that pressing the X button if you’re on pc. If there’s no option to change it when inspecting the weapon, unfortunately it’s bugged. You can check the challenges by zooming out totally in the map, going to galaxy view in other words, after that you should be able to see the character, manufacturer, etc challenges. You need to press R (on pc) if I remember correctly, to switch between the type of challenges, since there are more categories. There should be the manufacturer challenges as well. Hope this helped. Best wishes.

And yep, as @renfried said, wait for the hotfix sign to appear in your menu.

The issue was in the hotfix not being applied for both borderlands science and the challenges - I was not in an area with great internet.

As to the gun skins, X worked correctly, but there is no menu or indicator that pressing X will change the weapon skin? Weird.

Thanks for both of your help

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yeah, the x used to be on that screen, but was somehow dropped, right along the same time they disabled the HUD scaling.