I am offering help to anyone who needs it, story line, boss fights, gear etc

Hey all, I have an OP8 Gunzerker and I’m looking to help out anyone who needs it.

I really enjoy running the story line and all the DLC, happy to help with boss fights, and I have heaps of OP8 gear that I’m happy to share.

I’m more looking for people who want to play, not just be powerleveled.

I don’t check the forum very often, so flick me a message at my Gamertag:


Looking forward to having new people to help out, and play the game with.


Will add you here in a bit dude.


Been away a yr have, had all great and rare level 50 stuff.

Been looting Pyro Pete, midgets for days, they must have changed them, not dropping anything.

Takes me too long to kill because with screwed up loot drops now. Impossible to get good gear.

I am looking for two items that will help me farm bosses quicker

Lv 70-72 electric infinity pistol and a electric norfleet, my Lv 50 stuff not cutting it, and 4 hrs on Dr mod and did get a infinity Lv 61. But not helping right now

I only have killer Lv 50 gear to trade. Or some leveling I can help with in exchange for help with these two items

Thank you

Xbox ID is

im looking for some people to play B2 with. im the mechromancer. LOVE this freaking game

Welcome to the forum. Please check the dates of previous posts before replying to a thread, thanks.

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Hey, feel free to add me.
If you see me online, you’re welcome to invite me to a party if I’m not already in another game :blush:

I haven’t played for a while, will be nice to play again.

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Adding you also :wink: I am OP8 gunzerker as well looking for a good laugh and also a couple of items :wink: I’ll mp you in game

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what is your gamertag

Im a lvl 55 gaige, im stuck on uvhm. I need better gear. Id like to get a sham-fleet started, also looking for an unkempt harald, and twister. Gamertag: yourxnamexhere plz add me if you feel like helping me.

I haven’t seen @FlatterTrain7 BL 2 or TPS of late, if he doesn’t get in touch with you and you still need help let me know (GT same as Forum Name)

as for FlatterTrain7, if you are around, drop in sometime, you are always welcome in my games

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Thanks bud!
I flicked him a message but he let me know you helped him first.
I’ll have to drop in and catch up. I’ve been away from the Borderlands for too long.

What is your gamer tag.