I am perplexed about Borderlands

So there is no Borderlands news in since like forever, then out of the blue we hear about Borderlands 2 VR and so I come back to the community to see what this fuss is all about and there is nothing, no one here seems to even care… Not only is this news in the Borderlands world it is news about an old game that is has been resold on VR. Seriously Gearbox, is this how you want to re-engage with your fans because I really don’t think this is what they want. Why at this time would you even want to announce something Borderlands that has nothing to do with your next big game. It feels like you are wasting so much time and effort on side ventures that it is almost infuriating. I am so struggling to give a damn now about what I really loved about what you have orginally created that and now it feels like you even have passion for what is was that made you a success in the first place. Seriously without Borderlands most of us would not know who you were. Stop mucking around with this random stuff and start engaging us with your next BIG title. Dang it.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) feelings don’t really reveal that much about Gearbox’s plans and their timetable. I can’t wait from bl3 and I bet it will be great, but I really don’t see the use of getting stressed about it.

Why would the lack of a sequel stop one enjoying an existing game?



Not quite nothing, but it’s specifically in the Borderlands 2 category. And it’s probably happening because Sony need VR titles to help sell PSVRs. It also does not mean that Gearbox aren’t working away at other stuff. But they have become extremely close about what they’re up to (You can find Randy Pitchford interviews and podcasts where he explains why; I’m not sure I personally agree with all his reasons, but then it’s not my company!) The most recent thing I remember is one of the Nerdvana episodes where he talks about the much shorter marketing window in the age of social media, and his comments there actually make a lot of sense.

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Congratulations Randy Pitchford, you eventually made magic actually happen then you made it magically disappear. #magicianoftheyear.

And… we’re done here.