I am "predicting" BL3 is on track for an official announcment in Aug/Sep this year

Gearbox are quiet… very quiet. There is always a calm before the storm. From memory (and a quick google search) the BL2 news leaked early in August 2011 due to “Shoddy Journalism” but they were intending to announce BL2 soon anyway but there hand was forced. So if we go by the events of BL2 and give Gearbox 12 months from the official announcement (so soon was probably September) to release then hopefully we will start to hear something around August or September this year (for same time in 2018) or I think it is going to be a long wait if it does not happen then as they have had a good track record with the September release dates. Of course they could have a completely different approach to the reveal and marketing and not actually say anything til much later, however the BL2 rollout was pretty captivating and I am sure would work again. This time they have a bigger fanbase than the did with BL2 had since they have all the new fans that arrived along with BL2. What I am particularly interested in hearing about is who is developing the story and how many of the key developers from BL1 and BL2 are going to be working on it. I am also hoping to hear a longer plan going forward than 12 months of DLC, it would be nice if the game is successful to see at least two year of DLC to follow.

Also Half Life 3 is probably coming out later this year too! :sunglasses:


I can’t even begin to fathom how the decisions are made at Gearbox regarding how and when they decide to talk about what they are working on. Heck for all we know, they might not even have much say in it since they work with 2K.

What was shown at GDC was tech, meaning the game is probably 1-2 years away at best from anything substantial unless a push has been made (again this might be something out of Gearbox’s control) to start teasing it sooner perhaps as a way to distance themselves from some of the bad press they have been getting thanks to all the “loyal” fans that left them for dead a year ago because they wanted to do something new and different.

I hope this isn’t the case, because I’d want BL3 to show up when it is ready, and when all the devs are happy with where it is at. There is also still at least one more adventure to be had with Battleborn which has been teased in prior comments from devs.

TLDR; the game is coming, probably a lot later than people think. Meanwhile, there is still this pretty fun game called Battleborn and dozens of other amazing games that have come out since Borderlands 2 that everyone should go check out to separate themselves from this obsession with BL3 and stop harassing the devs and making up baseless predictions that will just generate false hype, and just peeve those same people off. It’s unhealthy! :pensive:

== END BL3 RANT ==

That being said, I am also very keen to see what they do end up doing as this will be the first Gearbox game I will be following from the get go. I knew about Battleborn when it got announced but didn’t get into it until after it launched and i am in a very different place to where I was back all those years ago. I look forward to it, but I sure as hell don’t expect to see anything any time soon.


I just want the damn game already. Gearbox, hurry up and TAKE MY MONEY!


What do you mean “Official Announcement?” The previous 3 by GBX wasn’t official?

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They have only announced they are working on the next Borderlands game which is presumably Borderlands 3 and until we see a launch trailer and some gameplay and story elements we cannot be certain exactly what we are going to get.

They could release a game half as good as Borderlands 2 and it’d still be superior to everything being released these days.


The “shut up and take my money” meme certainly applies here. This is why Battleborn has gone cold, they can release a patch or update that costs them money and earns zero income or they can put that effort into BL3 which will be a stockpile of money. Gaming is not all about money but if you have taken some recent hits you really need to go where the money is. Everyone is happy its a win-win.

umm, Its Borderlands 3. There is no other certainly needed, they even made the logo for it. There is no way GBX will go “lol, just kidding, we are making a mad max game”.


Well, if they’ve made a logo, that’s confirmation.

Some people will believe anything.

Also mentioning it by name during their Pax Expo?

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Where is the logo?

At Pax East - “We don’t even know if we’re going to call it that. We could call it Borderlands 4 for all we know,” Pitchford added.

Also there is no forum section yet.

Yes, its GBX humor. They even toyed with calling it Borderlands 3.14

That tend to happen when the game is still in development.[quote=“boomshanka08, post:12, topic:1561135, full:true”]
Where is the logo?

One of Pax panel, not sure which one, they showed a quick mark for it, not sure if its final.

Its Officially Announced. If you gonna split hairs about the exact final release title, well… have fun.


Games generally don’t get officially announced until there is a target release date given or even release quarter. Also I was not the one who stated they had an official title and logo for it. This tends to happen when the game is officially announced.

Yet again, you are missing something. There are different development teams for the two games. They do not jump between the two willy-nilly - the Battleborn team will likely have been reduced in size after the original release, which is to be expected as there is less content to put out, but canning further work on Battleborn will not bring you Borderlands 3 faster.

Except for, perhaps, everyone who enjoys Battleborn. And you. You won’t be happy. If Borderlands 3 is one whit less than perfect, in a couple of years when the game is released you will be right back where you are now, complaining about how the money they put into Battleborn was the sole fault for Borderlands 3 being not quite exactly what you wanted. “they should have blah” “why did they do blah nobody wanted it” “why didn’t they listen to their community”. You set your wants, your needs, and your expectations high, and then you whine that nobody listens to you when they aren’t met.

Allow me to suggest patience. Sit back. Observe. Let the devs do their work. Gearbox is still a fairly large company who have been making games for years - I’m fairly certain they have a little more experience regarding these sorts of decisions than you do.




It is pretty clear that the budget has run out for Battleborn. The game cost more than BL & BL2 to make and sold dismally in comparison. A year after release numbers are exceptionally low and there certainly is not a constant revenue stream of new players to help fund the life of the game. I think Gearbox and its fans have a different idea of the anniversary date. The fans were expecting big things and its pretty clear Gearbox is putting the game to bed. As a Battleborn fan you might not like it but that really doesn’t change it.

Sure there are things I won’t like about Borderlands 3 and I am pretty sure many people will find lots not to like over time and sure I may voice my opinion if it comes to it but I will still play the game and it will overall be pretty amazing just like the previous ones were.

I have been. Borderlands fans have been waiting a long time for BL3. At least they are coming back to make a fourth game in our series. I sincerely doubt there will ever be a Battleborn 2. There were just simply not enough people who liked it to warrant another. Enjoy what you have.

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Be that as it may, you’re still missing @nbrownlie237’s point: the current status of Battleborn’s development has no bearing on the development process of BL 3 (or whatever it’s going to be called). Yes, BB’s life cycle may be coming to an end soon, but trying to put it to an early grave will NOT bring you BL 3 any quicker. I applaud GBX for trying something new and stretching their creative wings even though the outcome was less than ideal. I would rather they try something new and come back to BL after they’ve recharged their creative batteries than plunge directly into BL 3 and give us something stale like the CoD franchise. As for your prediction, I don’t agree with it, but time will tell.


What this thread is about is prediction of when the next Borderlands game will arrive. I am not (nor could not, nor want to) trying to put Battleborn “to an early grave”, however it seems to be going that way of its own accord. My enthusiasm for the next Borderlands title is just that … enthusiasm. It has been a long time between drinks for Borderlands fans. Now it is just my prediction they are going to officially going to get the ball rolling with the a trailer and announcement (this year) of a release date for September next year.

I really don’t get the CoD franchise references at all as CoD has a year on year release cycle and for Borderlands it has been 5 years now since Gearbox released BL2 and it will most likely be 6 (or possibly) 7 years by the time BL3 comes out. As of right now pretty much at anytime there are between 80-160 people enjoying a Borderlands game for every 1 person enjoying (“or queueing?”) in Battleborn on PC (console is luckily a bit healthier). It is easy to see that most of Gearbox fans would rather play Gearbox games released as far back as 2009 than want to play the current Battleborn release.

As for my prediction time will surely tell.

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