I am really dissapointed

If you can answer these, maybe we can figure out something:

  • when you say the enemies take too long to kill, which game mode are you in? Mayhem 1,2,3, or 4?
  • what’s your favorite character to play right now?
  • what are your favorite guns or types of guns to use?

There arent a TON of builds, but there become more options the lower you tune down the difficulty, and i bet we could figure out something going back and forth here (if you wanted to try)

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Also I have all characters on lvl 50 plus two more chracters are lvl 50, so spent alot time with this game.

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Its item duping and creating optimal items via mods.
Not going to call out ppl specifically but a handful of popular youtubers do it.

They have insane optimal item rolls on 8/8 items on everything they show.

Not hard then.

Thats the problem when offline is allowed.


mate thanks for help but trust me generaly im pissed of with the game. but over mayhem 2 mobs are strong.
i play at the moment mooze as its survive longer then average and also dont run out ammo as fast then other chars while you shooting them for 30 min/head.
i got almost all kind of legenderys almost all of them excluded new ones as i cant farm them because game is hard on m3 m4 but on m1 m2 under 2 day literally no drop whatever i wanted to farm . also drop… that another topic would be i guess.

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alrighty, buddy - Good luck out there, vault hunter

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started doing a lot of M4, dont mind the bosses being tough as old boots, but fek me getting through any amount of mobs and badasses before them was harder by a very long way than the boss, just getting the shield down on semi trash mobs even with a cutsman is ridiculous. And the fact that a rocket badass can drop me quicker than a BOSS is totally insane

yet what choice do we all have, if you want the new gear its M4 only lol, my best tip is gigamind on Promethea, no trash to fight through and a quick fight to ease the pain of grinding , recorded this earlier if I can do it anyone can

also check out this guys posts on youtube, he is listing all the drops with a guide for each boss, can be really useful if your looking for specific kit to help

Ok, well I sure we can help you deal with MM1.

First thing to know is some modifier rolls are tough and there are two approaches.

  1. Quit and restart and see if it is easier for your current gear…
  2. Check out the modifiers and gear yourself from your inventory to match the modifiers.

You can see what the modifiers are by looking at the menu and scrolling to the map.

These two solutions will help a lot. Don’t worry about MM2/3/4 just yet. Master MM1 until its easy on any roll.


Here is my stuff

My favorite characters are now: Amara 50 lvl

Shields 50 lvl

Front Loader
Brawler Ward
Rough Rider
Barricade Re-Charger
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Class mods 50lvl

A lot…. you name it (you can recomended some, so I can farm it, if I do not have it)

Weapons all are 50 lvl

Lucian’s Call – fire and ice
Rowan’s Call
Standardized Carrier
Rebel Yell
The Bitch
Sleeping Giant
Handsome Jackhammer
Long Musket
Super Ten Gallon
Hyperfocus XZ41
Cutsman - corrosive, fire and electric elements
The Butcher
One Pump Chump
Face Puncher
Conference Call
Baby Maker ++
Thunderball Fists
The Duc
Devils Foursum
The Flood
The Companion
Infinity - maybe one are fire elements?
Wagon Wheel
Roisen’s Thorns corrosive
Shocking AAA
Ruby’s Wrath

A lot more, i cant remember all

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If gearbox hadn’t locked certain legendaries behind m4 content i can bet that not many people would even use m4. Is it better than m3? I would say yes and no. Yes because it eliminated stupid modifiers like 30% bullet reflection but also m3 had modifiers that made you godlike. Im thinking that gearbox just really has no idea how to balance out fun vs tedious. Its hard to say at this point seeing as how the guardian ranks are STILL broken and how much that will change the feel of m4. But as it stands i would have been happier to see the new guns not locked behind content thats just flat out boring and not fun at all.


While I can’t judge M4 on itself (I am not going to bother apart from 2 legendaries), I do agree that said legendaries shouldn’t be exclusive to it. It’s like BL2 locking pearls behind OP8 instead of Ultimate mode in general.


I play with Amara lvl 50, mayhem 1 and 2 not really hard for me,
mayhem 3 is a challenge and mayhem 4 i find very hard.
But it’s all about the right build tho.

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I’m sorry you are experiencing this :frowning: You said you have all VH’s leveled to 50? You have the same issue with Amara? I actually found Amara can take on M1 and M2 without too much issue even as a fresh 50 with some legendaries along the way. (of course, which ones matter, but I didn’t get anything special when I hit 50 with Amara.)

That said, some weapons can be game changers and the brainstormer was definitely one for me. I was pretty much stuck on M2 slaughter shaft till the brainstormer dropped for me and now I can farm M3 Cistern and even farm for the spiritual driver mode on M4.

Optimizing builds and equipment will go a long way. Happy hunting.


oap! haha i was hoping for maybe a little more direction from the OP before I gave out my thoughts.

Are you having the same problems as the OP? How do you like to play the game?

I don’t understand where this way of thinking came from. Sure it’s fun to one shot enemies just to do it, but you need to put hours into farming for the right guns with the right rolls and anointments then maybe still trading to make the builds. Unless they drop 50 smackers to make content.

I understand m4 is hard and should be, It’s full of tanky lil shites. This kinda reminds me about a post the other day where a guy claimed he was in the 1 percent who had damage output that surpassed m4. The dude must live under a rock or just think the game is full of plebs because it’s more like 10% atleast.


There is literally a video that has you put a shield on, suicide like a dozen time and you can roll over any enemy and the infinity pistol does it best.

Don’t need gear for that one.

The shield you need is one in the vendors.

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My friend was one shoting every phase of Wotan with the facepuncher glitch, it was lame but I had a driver Amara with him so not too broken.

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The modifiers ruined the game. I play a lot in a group of 4 friends. On M3 it was terrible to search for modifiers that works for all. You cannot just jump into game and play, travel to next boss/circle of slaughter and farm together, because travelling into next zone changes modifiers again. The one who find best modifiers invite all others. You cannot set the game mode to friends only. You can set only to “invite only” or “open for all”. That means, when host quits game, because of reload the map for searching new modifiers you have to invite all others. Friends cannot join by their own over social menu. M4 is terrible. Ok, less negative modifiers, but the mobs are bullet sponges. When you are not Moze you will get ammunition problems. Yeah, I know there are tricks with Face Puncher.
I know BL games is grinding for perfect gear, but I loved the old system more. It was more comfortable, when you play with a full group. M1/M2 is not difficult , when you have a base of good gear, which fits to the build. M3 can be horrible, when you have bad modifiers. Do not take a look on the Youtube guys. Some have very high guardian ranks and alomost everthing maxed out to 15%. A big community for sharing the best gear for their builds. I have seen videos, where the gear is perfect elaborately. Modded on PC, I am sure. And there are some rare, who has skill. Why people doom, because they use glitches? As long they play solo I don´t care. They will destroy there own game, not mine.

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there are multiple shields legendary like brawler or even some purple ones can do it as long as it gives you damage on shield depleted

It’s really nice of you guy’s care about the game. I just loved bl3. Untill new update it was enjoyable. Now I find it too hard. My point is if you want to farm something not for days week’s!!! You must go higher mayhem lvl for drop chance otherwise you end up farming the same thing for ages and it’s still not sure you will have it. I’ve got guardian lvl 325 it’s maybe not so much but i guess it’s enough time to have any idea about the game. Bl3 hard game now. If it would be because I got sight problems and I could shoot the targets ir other problems but no it’s just super hard and makes me thinking who can enjoy this? I suggest should be same system as it was in bl 2 to have mayhem lvl weapons gears for mayhem lvl enemies. Thanks btw I really appreciate the care! :slight_smile:

My guardian rank is 174 and I am fine with MM4 content.

You might want to start by investigating different builds, using different skill tree points for your character.

I did this with FL4K and it helped my playing a lot.

There is a section in this forum for each character - where you can learn about different builds, and can discuss your build, and people will help you to maximize it’s effectiveness…

I think this would be the best action you could take in the ST, and then report your findings back. And then we can try the next experiment to help you.

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