I am really dissapointed

My only problem is play Maliwan Takedown through once ( even mayhem mode 1), without dying every 1-3 hits, and I do not like to use hours to do this.

So I want to tips & tricks do I have to focus to my chields, weapons, class mods etc?

Are we talking about co-op or solo?


First thing to note is that it is balanced for co-op. So its very hard to solo. Accepting this is the first thing. Over Christmas they are going to temporarily balance it for solo players - so in a few weeks its going to get a lot easier.

If that does’t interest you and you want the challenge you might want to start reading as much as is possible in this area of the forum:


Once you have done that, and understand everything that’s already been said, you can post a question there about helping to improve your character and play tactics.

And since you play Amara, keep a look out for Spiritual Driver COM’s while you are playing - as that might really help you.

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First of all you should turn off Mayhem if struggling with the Takedown. Even then it could be hard, especially boss fights.


Good news, I just make my way to last boss (mayhem mode off about 30min), I only change my skill tree, shield and class mode. I get the last boss healt about 40%, "but inside two chield, i fail it, to many enemys inside first shield. Cant shoot them outside, but they can shoot me trhought shild :slight_smile:

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Great news. Massive progress . Review what you might need to counter that difficulty, maybe different shield, weapon, attack or defense stategy., different artefact…

Farm and repeat …

Very happy for you.


It was designed for four players at level 50.

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I do believe this now, when I tried to play this solo (Mayhem off).

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You don’t have to farm. Trading is also a core mechanic of this game. So much so that in addition to the existing (e.g., BL2) in game trading system they added a mailbox so you can send and receive loot. Embrace trading my friend and enjoy other people’s good fortune! :grin:


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I really didn’t buy a loot and shooter to spend all my time trading…

Obviously there are rewards to trading, but for me I want these more from the gameplay - and if I found something cool I’d just send it to friends for them to experience the fun as well. But doing that is a hard process on many platforms - if you want to keep that loot as well (which is reasonable)…Trading is far too slow, cumbersome and curated for my brain…

Tbh the only reason I trade is to try and help people who are struggling with the game - so they will be able to play the game more - as this community has done the same for me. I’m not doing it because it’s a fun way to spend my time. And I would 100% prefer that the game made it less necessary - but obviously the data must show somewhere that its good for business… I must be one of those outliers that need balancing…

I guess I’m back to looking for an independent group of dev’s making a first person shooter not hamstringed by AAA corporate cosiderations.

There’s a real stock exchange that one can make real money from trading, if that’s what floats your boat…

I’m sorry to sound snarky, but seriously the highlight of one of the best first-person shooter franchises of all time shouldn’t be the need to trade items to play…

I think I need time away from this madness. And maybe I can re-engage…

I agree. Trading is great, as @studdugie knows very well I do it regularly. But it is a supplement. It doesn’t come with the same feeling as finding stuff on your own. If you watch some streamers a common thing you will hear them say is “yeah someone sent me a godroll but I’m farming this because I at least want to have one drop myself”. Heard that phrase a ton of times. That’s because getting it from someone else doesn’t come with satisfaction. Being a looter shooter, getting what you want on your own is a huge part of what makes the game satisfying.

In short, trading is great. But the game should not be balanced around it, and it should not be used as a way to excuse poor farming mechanics(rates).


It isn’t. This game dropped more legendaries in my first week of play than the first 6 months of BL2. So anyone claiming that trading is the ONLY way to get gear is being hyperbolic or is genuinely unaware of this franchise’s history.

True there is a lot more RNG involved in BL3 compared to BL2 but as someone returning to the Borderlands universe from Destiny 2 where RNG is everything (except curated rolls) BL3’s ability to trade is a VAST improvement than the RNG grind in D2.

I’m sorry for being so over dramatic, and your post didn’t need that sort of reply as what you said was fair… You were just pointing out another avenue available for obtaining loot.

One that I find is becoming more reliable than gameplay, and that ruffles my feathers…

I apologise.

That line was mostly in response to this. By calling it a core mechanic it sounds like you are saying it is and should be balanced around it being a thing.

I find trading to be amazing addition, mailbox included. But as I mentioned I find it to be supplemental not core. That is to say, someone who does not engage in trading should be able to be just as successful and find the game just as enjoyable.

I’m also not particularly enamored by being showered by a bunch of legendary I leave on the ground. That argument doesn’t do much for me. The loot pool is extremely bloated with junk.

Are you talking about BL2 when it was released in 2012 or more recent experience?

I think the legendary drop rate is good, but the reliance on annointments is so frustrating. I found 3 Lucians Calls and 2 Cutsman after 3 hours of farming M4 Graveward and not a single one was annointed. I trashed both of them.

Even if they were annointed? Good chance its a garbage annointment like life steal or rate of fire during slide. The RNG is insane.

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Probability theory tells us that it’s damn near impossible to “balance”.

Let me try to spell it out more clearly.

Borderlands 3 has more guns in it, including legendary items, (RNG layer #1 for the sake of argument) than all the other Borderlands game. On top of that there is a new layer of RNG that affects the stats and rolls (RNG layer #2) of this procedurally generated (RNG layer #3) gear (note there are more layers of RNG such as loot pools but 3 layers should suffice in making my point … I hope :grin:). A consequence of these basic facts about this game is the probability of farming for and getting the specific item with the specific roll that you want is statistically low. It’s just math. So from a mathematical perspective how can you hope to get what you want in a reasonable amount of time? The answer is crowd sourcing. That’s what the mailbox allows us to do more easily than the old join and trade system of BL2. You may not like it but there it is.

The way I like to think about it is this. Mobbers (like me) get to mob and farmers get to farm and whatever we find we can come together and share, in essence we are leveraging each other’s individual luck. So all of us in aggregate have a better statistical advantage than going it alone.

There are simply a lot of gear combined with a lot or RNG layers to hope to achieve balance in the way some keep talking about it. Like the statistical model that would underpin said “balance” is so damn simple to put together.

Just so I’m clear because people keep missing the nuance. I’m not saying GBX shouldn’t increase drop rates. But drop rates doesn’t actual solve the problem that most seem to have, which is they can’t get the item they want with the rolls they want in a reasonable amount of time. If you want to see this issue at work in game now simply play Slaughter Shaft. You’ll get a sh*t ton of drops and none if it is likely to be the something you want. But … there is that chance … :laughing:

I was busy writing the above comment when you wrote this.

You just summed up the entire point of the my comment above! Thank you for reinforcing my point! :grin:

I know there are a lot of complaints about rates in general.

My drop rate complaint is 2 fold at this time.

#1. Dedicated drops. The rate should be higher significantly. This doesn’t mean it’s not going to be hard to get the specific roll and anoint I want. But what it does mean is I will have many more chances at it. I will see the item I’m after those perfect rolls on drop regularly and that will motivate me to keep going until I get the perfect one, or just the one I’m after (my hive example from another topic). That’s making farming feel rewarding when it comes to dedicated drops. Right now, you are lucky to even see 1 of the item with the wrong roll after days of farming for it, and that is demoralizing.

#2. Anointed rates should be a bit higher at MH3 and MH4 then they are currently, in my opinion. This is a lesser complaint for me then my first one.


I don’t have enough technical knowledge to know if that’s the only conceivable way they can roll the maths, maybe others can pitch in on that?

But if it is, I’m leaving the circus to other pastures, as UI navigation, and forum equipment hunting, is not how I want to spend my free time…

That’s just not for me. If other people want that, great.

If I wanted a hit of crowdsourcing I’d start a kickstarter…

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