I am really dissapointed

I never once gibbed, as I am on PSN. Got to OP6 on Maya and still climbing…

Completed all the BL2 DLC, finished the presequel and all its DLC…

I never in all that time felt as frustrated as I do now looking for anointed gear in MM4 play.


I have to say… that was funny.

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I think your point #1 would solve point #2 by farming for that elusive anointed dedicated item you wanted.

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Yeah I can agree. Which is why I said it’s a lesser complaint for me.

Actually I shouldn’t have said ‘much higher’ I’m going to edit that out. Because while I feel anoint rates aren’t good enough in m3/m4 I don’t think they are exceptionally far off. Though in M4 I feel like it should be pretty dang high considering, if you are farming in M4 you are probably leaving any non-anoint on the ground since they are basically required to be successful.

dude put this way… you bought a game wich is you can play only without mayhem mode benefits…
= buying a burger without meat and ketchup… and love the comments : MASSIVE PROGRESS