I am sans seraph

I just beat Pyro Pete the Invincible for the first time.

It’s not as good as it sounds. It was my fifth try or so, and he got stuck on the ledge between the pillars. I sniped at him as best I could from the other side of the arena, between the bars of one of the metal structures on the floor. Somehow he hit me with novas four times anyway. I was using Maya, so it wasn’t too tough to clean up the rats that emerged when I washed the ow off. Anyway, it took me probably fifteen minutes to finally put an end to Pete, at which point he lootsploded all over the ledge. I couldn’t reach much of it.

I was able to reach 11 seraph crystals, which was nice. At that rate, though, it’ll take me nine more tries - over two hours - to buy a typical item from a seraph vendor (an Antagonist, say). Is killing Pete the easiest way to accumulate crystals, or am I missing another way?

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You managed to get eleven crystals?? Ya that boi is stingy. Without a doubt the Dragons are the best source for crystals (eridium too). Sal can clean them up pretty quickly - Deputy with ROM, Grog and Lady Fist is remarkably fast - just run them at OP0.

Vorac and Hyp are quite good for crystals too. I’m not sure if they drop in TVHM and if they do if they drop less, but if so that would be a good source. Then you can buy any font you wish!


Pete might be the ‘easiest’ way of getting crystals because he’s kind of the easiest raid boss once you’ve become comfortable fighting against him. That was the case for me; once I learned how to beat him consistently and quickly he was my main source of crystals for a while before I learned how to consistently take on the other raids. Hyperius becomes less stressful with the right gear and strategy. I don’t farm Vorac when I want crystals because that fight is too spazzy and violent heh. The Dragons are by far the best source for crystals per kill but they can really put the hurt on you if you’re unprepared or start bringing down the dragons in the wrong order or such.

It does kinda seem like Pete drops fewer crystals than the other guys but I’ve never really kept a stats count going.


So long as it doesn’t have to be Maya, just Bloodsplode Pete with Krieg. Essentially no set up and quick ~20 second kills.

There are more lucrative ways per kill, but they either take forever to get to the boss and/or they require a lot set up comparatively. Although they are just as fast or faster, but if you’re at that point you probably don’t need crystals anyway.

Or gate kill Gee, but you lose a lot of loot. And finding grenades sucks.


Were you only able to reach 11, or were there only 11 in total?

While Pete is very easy to kill fast with Kriegs Bloodsplosion, I still prefer to use Salvador when I want to farm him. The Infinite-Money-Shot method is my prefered method. It’s also a very fast way to kill Hyperius, or… anything, really! :laughing:

If Maya is your only character, then BeeHawking is your best option. Using a Trespasser to pop off Pete’s helmet at the start will speed things up a bit, since it allows you to score crits early on. Block line of sight to avoid his novas, and if you have to wash one off… Don’t spawn rats! Rats have guns! Spiderants don’t!


If you’re able to, and Maya is your character, try co-oping with Axton. That pairing (plus one round of spiderants) can take Pete down rather quickly IME. Pete also gets faster as you get more experience.


@Jefe: Sal hasn’t done TTAoDK in UVHM yet. He is nearly done with Campaign of Carnage, though, so I think when he’s done I’ll drop him to OP0 (good idea) and try his luck with Pete. I’ll need a 12-point plan …

@Rumplebunny: Yeah, I’m a rank n00b with respect to Pete. I’ll do him (huh-huh) a bunch more times in the hope that his attack patterns will become more nearly predictable. The dragons are, let’s say, in my future. :slight_smile:

@khimerakiller: I don’t have a UVHM Krieg at the moment. (In fact, all my Kriegs are level 10 mules, heh.) But you make me want to start one. Again. I’ll look into gate-killing Gee too. Mm, Gee cheese.

@Ronnie_Rayburn: There was one unreachable crystal on the ledge, gr. But yeah, I’ll prolly use Sal as my crystal farmer of choice. I didn’t know that you could choose between rats and spiderants! Thanks!

@VaultHunter101: I’m stubborning (that’s a word now) at the moment with respect to Pete. When I kill him legit a few times, I’ll call in the commandos. :slight_smile:

Edit: Good name for a co-op group: Sal Team 6.


I load up Salvester and Pimperdurp them into oblivion (this is the reason I started a Sal in the first place, to be honest), and I’ve still failed that way. I’m sure I could practice, and git gud, but I’m lazy. I just want the shiny stuff.


Update: I just beat Pyro Pete the Invincible for the second through eleventh times.

I’m Sal at OP3; Pete is at OP0. The nuance level was therefore zero. The ol’ Harry Nozzle combination was enough that I could just run at him and back up, washing off the novas each time (usually two) and ignoring the spiderants. No knees taken.

I got 90 seraph crystals along with a few Hoplites and Big Boom Blasters. I count the whole thing a success. Thanks to all! :smiley:

P.S. No font pun this time.



p.s. love the new avatar