I am "seriously concerned" not "cautiously optimistic" for Battleborn

I have no doubts that this is exactly what we can expect from GBX

They haven’t made a FPS/MOBA hybrid before with both pve and pvp. I’m pretty sure no one has. So, yeah, it would be fair of Randy to say that he doesn’t know if people will be interested.

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I’m not concerned at all and you have yet to show me that you’re a very optimistic person, DontPanic.

Ultimately if you don’t like the game or don’t think it has a future, then don’t buy it; there are plenty of other worthwhile games out there deserving of your money. Also, I wouldn’t go solely by Steam charts. Unless you have data from all platforms, you cannot say whether or not a game is in jeopardy. So calm down and stop panicking. :stuck_out_tongue:


He is not panicking, Stop acting like a smart (bad)ass. This is a discussion topic, remember? And he has shown some real data to prove his arguments.

Steam’s data shows less and less players days after days…

I definitely believe it. In fact my own experience backs it up. Battleborn has been my number 1 most looked forward to game since Destiny’s launch and before Destiny it was my second most looked forward to game (Incidentally I’ve been playing video games for 26 years now and Destiny is the only video game that i’ve ever truly HATED and still HATE but i digress). I played the crap out of Battleborn’s open beta. Even got all the way too level 30 or so on it. I pre-ordered Battleborn a couple days before it’s may 3rd launch.

Around this time my friend andrew mentioned overwatch too me. A game that i seen others talking about but never cared enuff too look into it and see what it was about. I looked into it afterwards and found out that the open beta was around the exact same time as Battleborn’s launch (may 5th for me since i didn’t pre-order it). I played battleborn for the first 2 days but used the open beta for overwatch too decide if i wanted too get the game. I spent the extreme majority of my playtime between may 5 and may 9 on the overwatch beta. I even put 17 hours into it. When it ended though i went back too playing Battleborn.

That’s not a problem, it’s a personal preference. Borderlands 1 was criticised by some for its cartoony graphics and that turned out to be a very popular series.

Regarding numbers with the game, Jyrthri
(Creative Director) said (from the link above):

Also, in its first week Battleborn was no. 1 in the UK games charts. See this post for details:

Note that 52% of all sales on were on PS4, compared to 45% on Xbox One and 3% on PC. So even if it’s not doing so well on PC it’s doing much better on consoles.

The report, and also the report these figures are from does not indicate the source of the data. The easiest figures they would have access to would be over the counter sales provided by retailers. Digital download sales (which would account for most of Steam sales) are much harder to come buy.

Both reports do cite the source, Chart Track, and their reports are commissioned by the industry’s trade body UKIE (UK Interactive Entertainment).


“GfK Chart-Track reports are based on retail/web sales where the data is captured electronically each day via EPoS systems. GfK Chart-Track reports are based on retail/web sales where the data is captured electronically each day via EPoS systems.”


I’d guess that purchases from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace won’t be included as I don’t think these companies share their sales data.

People buying it is cool but… people playing it is better.
The amount of players on PC is ridiculous, how are we supposed to play a co-op/pvp game like this

@DontPanic Ironically your ‘serious concern’ post may put off people who are on the fence from buying the game at all, thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There’s one of these ‘concern’ posts every few days. Last one was ‘concern’ over the game being dead when Overwatch is released.

I don’t know who you think you’re trying to help here with your concern, but it ain’t Gearbox. But if it helps you sleep at night then by all means, concern away.


I think you mean someone else

Yeah it’s to the OP if that wasn’t obvious lol sorry Martok

I keep playing Battleborn everyday and get pissed because most of the games I get paired with idiots or it becomes a 4/3 vs 5. I would keep with the game if the player base would stop being crap, but more importantly make it where something will be done about unbalanced teams…

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No worries, it’s easy to confuse the Reply button on the last post with the overall Reply button at the bottom of the thread. :slight_smile:

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While OP does have legitimate concerns i do think that the title of this thread is damaging for consumer perception, when it doesn’t need to be.
Im not sure how accurate this translates to the wider market but:
Out of my console friends, they ether pre order games or wait for a first week review, then buy the game if they want it.
Out of my PC friends, almost all of them wait for the inevitable sale.

Plus the Overwatch Beta is still on, and not everyone has time to play multiple games.


Another counter productive thread, great.


If Gearbox wish to remove this thread then fine.

Yes, he did, but only a small fraction of the date, which I addressed. Also, there’s this:

And this:

And the main reason I posted what I did was because of this:

The game is doing fine and there are and have been plenty (and I do mean plenty) of doomsday predictions which have yet to even come close to being true about the game. Let it do its thing. If six months from now the game dies, then you guys were right. If not, I’ll be back with a big I told you so. :dukejk:

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