I am so happy :)

I’ve finally got borderlands for the PC and it’s game of the year edition too! I finally get to dive into one of my favorite video games of all time on the the computer (along with some custom zombies). Now if I can only get a damm ajax ogre :smile:

So will I… On July 31 according to Amazon. I’m just really hoping it’s not the download code version…

You must make a sacrifice to RNGesus. You must give him the fresh blood of Crawmerax, the head of Sledge, the melted face of Major Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the left femur of Jeffrey Dahmer.

…Or just kill Ajax a lot and get lucky like I did :P.

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Both you: feel free to add me on steam if you so desire! account name is same as here :smiley:

Wasn’t I going to do that to begin with? :duketease:

Sweeeeet! Enjoy it. I LOVE Zombie Island.


Wait why didn’t you just get it on steam if you have it?

I like physical media better.

Ah I see

I said that because you still havent added me on steam lol. You got your PC a few days ago :stuck_out_tongue:

And just got a security program last night and haven’t installed steam yet :P.

@aavincam Curious as to whether or not you modded your .ini to have more/better shadows and other stuff.

Nah I have to run the game on low. Kind of stupid co sidering I’m playing it on a MSI black panther! Thought it’d be able to handle more… I’m going to get Mr.gj’s custom weapon packs though and some custom dlc.

That does seem a bit weird since IIRC the only thing truly taxing besides downsampling are dynamic shadows so I wouldn’t think that you would need to have the quality and other options set to low. If you do opt to do some .ini tweaks one thing that seemed to add a fair amount of life/cool factor to underground areas would be turning fogvolumes to true instead of off.

One last thing, a simple tweak to the launch properties you can add would be -nostartupmovies so you can skip the 2K/GBX/Nvidia etc. stuff before the main menu but still keep the movie/intros that are in the game proper.