I am still losing my Badass Rank in co-op at current patch EDIT after 24 hours... So much for tech support

I am playing co-op with my fiance on PS4 Handsome Collection. We are current patch.

We started level 1 characters with her hosting. Different profiles, split screen. We leveled up skills and badass rank. When we quit playing, she paused, went to quit, confirmed save and quit. And we went to bed.

Today, we got back on, still her hosting. Her BAR is still there, however mine has reset. It kept challenge progress, bit my rank and stats are zero.

This has really been killing my experience with the Handsome Collection. I waited to play it until I got the patches due to BAR resets even in 1P Campaign. And now that I have the patches, I’ve hit this bug again in co-op.

Are there any ways to fix this? Should I leave game before she quits? What’s going on?

Is there any plans to fix this at all?

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