I am stuck , can't cross between Nexus and the Motherless Board

hi - i am new to this forum palying Borderlands the Pre Sequel - PS4- I am at Level 50 Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode . I crossed the doorway between Nexus and the Motherless Board and hit save and quit for the night . When I resumed gameplay the doorway is closed . I contacted 2K and clearing the memory cache didnt work . They said to find someone who hasnt gone there yet and play co-op , getting me thru their doorway , after playing and saving it should be open in my game . I am on PS4 , gamer tag prsopector67 … this really sucks could use help . thanks

the mission is FILE SEARCH / also it may work i have been told just to play co-op with someone who
has done the mission

This happened to a friend of mine too. All you need to do is to join a friend’s game that has finished the mission and get them to go through the door. After going through the door, you save and quit so you can continue your progress. Im not sure if the door will open after this but at least you can continue.

thanks for the info , 2K was telling me to find someone who hadnt played the mission which is called
“FILE SEARCH” … if anyone out there is able to help let me know , i have spent so much time on this one blasted door . thanks

I´ll help you in 10 minutes!

im at work at the moment of course , are you around tonight , i am in nova scotia canada its 130 pm atlantic time , are you around tonight ? i would be online say 8 pm … i appreciate the message , should be able to play games at work LOL

I don´t think I´ll be on then, live in Sweden and it´s 6.30 pm now and work tomorrow.

i maybe off early if so i will message you , and if your around ,great … it would be in the next 1-1.5 hours … thanks again …

i spent quite a few frustrating hours , looking for a switch or something thinking it was part of gameplay …

I could help this afternoon. Im pacific time in US. It will be about 430 my time. I think you are 4 hiurs ahead so it could work out. Send friend request on psn. Name is same.

I´ll check for you then, I think I can be on.

im online now … ive rarely played co-op , im 50 and my friends dont play games lol

i added GOODYEARBLIMP as a friend also … do you invite me ? or i invite you ? sorry new to this …

I´ll invite you in a minute and you just follow me

thanks , i dont know how good mt audio is , i will just follow

I have to say sorry cos I thought you meant Borderlands 2, I don´t play TPS. I thought it was in Arid Nexus Badlands where you upload something. I hope goodyearblimp can help you.
Sorry for my misunderstanding.

no problem …

i am online now , are you able to play

Got to run out , i will check in later if your around , i am four hours ahead of you , will be online around 8 - 830 my time , sorry just re read your message , thought your were around now … message me later if your able …

thanks for the friend add , i can go online this evening if your around , just message me if your free … thanks