I am unable to play with my friends

I have checked my connection and tested it and xbox 1 said everything is fine. I can connect to my friends on any other game except borderlands and the reason I bought this game was to play with my friends. Please respond with a quick fix. I was also wandering if i needed to install the pre-sequal with borderlands 2 in order for me to play co-op with my friends on borderlands 2.

Good luck with getting a fix… ive not been able to play with friends for best part of 6months!


Hey @pnull123.

This problem has been rare for users, but it has been brought to the attention of the staff, without a doubt.

The more information they have on it, the quicker a fix can come, and you’re would really be valuable.

Have you contacted the helpdesk?


Thanks Giuvito, I am really new to this website and when I click on the link I do not see the helpdesk.

Does it not?

Hmm. Then do this;

Google ‘Gearbox Helpdesk’.

It should be a few results down and it will have the term “zendesk” in the url.

Do you want me to click on the handsome collection? That is the edition I have.

Yes, click on that and then it’ll give you a whole bunch of options to choose from.

Sorry to bother you again as this is probably a dumb question but when it says" If you encounter this issue please submit a support ticket to http://support.gearboxsoftware.com" and I click on this link it just brings me back to the welcome screen for the Gearbox Software Support. Is there a separate button that I can click to allow me to send in a ticket?

It is no way a bother and this is not a dumb question, I’m glad to help.

If the corresponding section did not answer it you’ll see that under the headline “BORDERLANDS: THE HANDSOME COLLECTION” in that section it’ll say; “Click here to submit a support ticket” as a link. It looks like part of the headline, but it isn’t.


It is that, technically.

If you have trouble locating it, I will screenshot it for you.

I’m having this same problem in borderlands the pre sequel I love to play this game with my friends , and since like December I haven’t been able to play with friends multiplayer , we try and try and nothing works , sometimes it say that the other person was added to my game but is not , later a message tell the game is not joinable or is telling me to check my network connection to the other party as well , connection great nothing wrong I play every other multiplayer game I have with no problem , Please fix this many ppl love this game because is great to play with other ppl solo is not the same. I bet many ppl are having this issue I read in other forum this is a well known issue.

I was reading up on the issue, and some user said to uninstall then reinstall the game but don’t start it till it is fully installed. See if that works.

I am also having an issue connecting to friends. I was trying to play Borderlands 2 with my wife, but we can’t connect to either of our games. The connection times out on both ends. We are in the same house, on the same network, both with open NATs. We also couldn’t connect to our friend’s game a couple of days ago, but he could connect to ours.

Having same prob. Sometimes it works,most time it dosnt.

Same issue as well. Started a ticket.

I have had the same exact problem. Me and my friends played a solid 10 hour session of the pre sequel a few days ago and then nothing. Haven’t been able to play since. Just says connection error. Pretty frustrating to be honest.

Same thing…got the handsome collection this weekend to get back in to borderlands. 3 of my buddies bought it too. Still can’t connect with each other.

Good luck with that ticket. I submitted one and got the generic troubleshooting tips that I tried beforehand already.