I Beat Borderlands 3 With ONLY Quest Rewards & How I Did

The Objective is to use only quest rewards to beat the game. Early game Pandora doesn’t have a lot of good guns for dedicated quest rewards so the beginning is a little iffy but the holy grail for the beginning is the undertaker quest. The undertaker Quest rewards the player with a random rare gun so we have a chance on getting something spectacular and that is exactly what we got. We happen to get a Vladof AR with a under-barrel shotgun that carried us until we got off Pandora. The rest of the quest rewards are pretty good in the game so below is the chart I’m currently using to complete this challenge run.

One and Only Rule: Only Use gear rewarded from quests. (Class mods and artifacts are an exceptions since there is only a total of 3 times you can be rewarded a class mod or artifact in the game from a quest.)

Challenge Run Finale:

Quest Rewards Course

1st: Butt P (Map: The Droughts)

2nd: Under Taker Random Rare Gun (Map: The Droughts)

2nd plan B: If Under Taker Quest gives crap; Emperors’ Condiment - Skag Dog Days (Map: The Droughts)

3rd: Null Point Sniper – After giving Zero “Translation. Cool Sword” Item (Map: Meridian Metroplex)

4th: Sniper From Head Simulation Quest (Map: Ascension Bluff)

5th: Killavault Wife Sniper (Map: Lectra City)

6th: Port-a-potty Launcher (Map: Lectra City)

7th: Multi Vitamin Shield – Holy Spirits Quest (Map: Athenas)

8th: The Boo+ Smg – Invasion Privacy, Ava’s Quest (Map: Athenas)

9th: Infinite Fire Pistol – The Chadd (Map: Floormoor Basin)

10th: Sellout Pistol – Tyreen’s KYS Offer (Map: Ambermire)

The Items Listed Above are mainly items that aren’t from main mission quests (Only exception is Null Point Sniper) There is a decent amount of gear you will get from just completing the story missions that is, for the most part, good. There is always more gear you can get from other quests but I found that the gear listed above is the best for completing the game in a timely fashion. Once you get the Sellout Pistol you are good until you beat the game, at least I was. Alrighty Buddies that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone

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