I believe in you and this game

hi, my name is Vince
i don’t do much with my life other than work and play video games. i don’t like physically socializing with people for my own reasons and normally dont even post on forums or even sign up for them but i did it anyways for this game and to tell (hopefully tell) the devs that i believe in you and this game. i went and bought all your new content. there is only a few skins i dont like and 2 taunts i feel where lazy. i greatly enjoy both Benedict’s skin and taunt i think those are very fun :slight_smile: i also love shayne and aurox’s taunt its super enjoyable. i also think you did a very good job with those two as well. i really hope the introduction of micro transactions dont scare away the player base. i feel like your trying to get some money together to help grow the game so i dont mind supporting you. just… dont make me out to be a fool :frowning:


Angry voices always outnumber the happy people on the internet. That’s been my experience in every game forum I’ve ever been to. Thanks for the positivity!

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u only one do it. If devs going in this way.

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Thank you Vince. Completely agree.

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Welcome to the forums, its always nice to see new people here. After the last few days on here its nice to see some people are still being positive about this game. I love this game its something new and different, there are issues but nothing I’m going to stop playing over. Just curious which of the skins and taunts did you not like? I couldn’t buy all the ones I like yet so I got three of them and a taunt.

Anyway welcome to the forum I hope your experience here will be a good as mine has been

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Apparently, you weren’t on Steam forums. They were flooded with negativity and toxicity from the very first days and locking them for game owners only haven’t stop it. These forums, however, were mostly calm and satisfied all the time with the only exception of Galilea and Alani topics. What we have now is something more than just “angry voices always outnumber”. But hey, you won’t understand it anyway, lets skip it))

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I’ll only repeat myself once. I’ve hung around the forums of several games, they’re always dominated by negativity.

Deep Breath, first post:

Like no other games, the Borderlands Series has given my family hundreds of repayable hours of enjoyment. And for that, GBX has earned my patience. This is a new type of game, and it’s going to take time to resolve the problems (of which there ARE many). But I’ve had a great time with it so far, even with the issues.

I read the forums every day to see what’s going on and it’s clear people care deeply about this game, which is a testament to the Big Idea/Big Game GBX is creating. It’s trying to be a lot of things to a lot of people, MOBA/FPS/RPG, and it’s going to take time to work things out.

I mean this with a great deal of respect: Gamers Break Games - and it’s truly AWESOME. They can Min/Max, optimize builds, exploit maps, loot drops and matchmaking systems like the evil geniuses that they are…and then they can share their findings so others can build on what they discovered. MADNESS. These early days of BB are about uncovering those things and leveling them out.

I hope and believe it can be done quickly. I want the player base to still be there when they do.


i dont like kleese’s and whiskey foxtrot’s taunts. and as for the skins orendi is the only one i dislike.

Welcome to the forum. Any problems, give me a pm.

Yup. This is hands-down the best game (perhaps even the only enjoyable game) I’ve played since Starhawk in 2013.

Its been quieter lately tho i mean like dead quiet.

Well you were the opposite of me lol I love kleeses new taunt, I wont be buying it yet because I have never used him lol and orendis skin is one of my favorites(big wrestling fan and reminds me of the new day lol)