I bet you never picked this weapon

Oh! You look surprised? Just a regular white weapon, is it only special or even powerfull? Surely not. But indeed, am I wrong? Did you intentionally picked a white weapon at level 50?

In fact, have you ever used a green or white rarity weapon since you reached the maximum level? And since you reached level 20? Or even after going through the third map of the game at the beginning of your first playthrough?

You might already know where I am going right now: something like, white weapon are even rarer than legendary at this point, so rarity does not have any sens, but that’s another topic.

No, the thing I wanted to point out is that: most of the weapon of BL3 are useless, not only at a end game point of view but even when you just started the game ! Once you find your first green rarity weapon, you will never go back to white, and you’ll eventually found your first green weapon within the first our of playing…

Ok, I am not talking about drastically reducing drop rate for hight rarity (lol) weapon. I belive it is way too late for this, unless gearbox decided to do it during a level cap raise. The real question I am asking is about replayability: giving the player (me) access to hight tier equipement this early in the game, does not encourage him (me again), to start a new character.
I was looking at gameplays from youtubers like Joltzdude139. He was trying to beat the BL3 with only a certain type of weapon (alegeance challenges for instance). There you kind of feel his frustration when, only after an hour of playing, he already put his hand on a purple weapon and when several launcher of green and above rarity are sended to him for reward…

Finally, what about adding a mode like “Classic mode” that makes the lower rarity weapons matter: somewhere you’ll have to rely on those to progress and eventually acces to better quality? Somewhere legendaries are actualy rare…


I think a very cool aspect would be something like the grinder. However, you can take them and pull one part from it, then have the ability to add parts to your guns. This undertaking would take a massive overhaul to the game, so i never see it happening


You probably won’t be using a level 1 purple at level 50, either, just to put the misplaced grousing about getting high tier items early into perspective.

In my experience, the majority of items in most games with RPG elements and loot are ultimately junk. Moving on from whatever passes for wooden swords and rusty jeans along the arbitrary path of equipment - however it’s parsed out. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Letting cliches go by…


Yea, i am going to trash it all, just want to hold onto a few items for play through and special builds like the stop gap

Let us know about you experience : ) Do you still actively play BL3 like you use to do for BL2? How many hours did you spent on both of those game?

Yes the grinder would also be an option but as you say, there would be a need to take a massive overhaul.

I stopped the game because precisely I can no longer have the desire to drop thousands of legendaries in endgame for a ridiculous percentage of additional bonus when everyone already crushes the game without difficulty …
A RPG game of loot is a lot of management of items with management of a build, all the interest lies in this management.
For exemple in a balanced drop game : when I do not drop a legendary, I have to make do with what is less rare, and therefore it strengthens me to adapt to the game and its gameplay. If the difficulty of managing your inventory disappears and is drowned in the simplicity of loot thousands of legendary items then all the interest even of the game goes away …

The game is now done, we will not change it more and that is why adding mods would be an excellent option.
This will satisfy players who like the challenge of managing an inventory, and at the same time let people, more casual, to play the game without being frustrated not to be able to use a purple weapon from level 5 …

I think adding mods is the easiest way to satisfy everyone, because we’re not going to hide, the game is really starting to die …
And I don’t think that adding another DLC will fix it, we saw it even with this first DLC, in 10 hours of play you finished it 3 times, kill everyone in mayhem 4 and loot all the legendary DLC.
After finishing the history of DLC there is strictly almost no interest in continuing to play the game, so I think it is not in the interest of gearbox losing players when just the story is over, especially a game like Borderlands!

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I’d say 99% of loot in looters are useless and vendor trash. Nothing new here.


Yes but why so much resignation, you take pleasure in you still playing this kind of game where the drop is also unbalanced?
Personally I am also tired of not finding any game these days with an intelligent difficulty in the management of loot, for example like borderlands 2 or Diablo 2 ?

Some of you think that I am complaning about the fact that white weapons are not usable at lvl 50. No, that is NOT what I am saying. I just felt that you switch to greater rarity too early in the game. Clearly belive that a game that force you to use white weapon at max level is unbalanced too, as well as one for witch it happen at level 3: BL3!

Throughout all my playthroughs ive randomly used white quality weapons; they werent bad at all for where they are; and even a few can still be usable for m4 if they synergize correctly with the build

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i think my game drops more legendaries then white items for me :rofl:

With any amount of mayhem, it should be. With the amount of different variables to every given weapon; its not like every legendary you find is good; lets just call woodblockers the new white?

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Actualy, that’s why I made this post! XD My eyes just blocked for a seconds on a white item today, like if it was the rarest thing I’ve ever seen in BL3

And you feel happy about it, having legendaries that are not legendaries?

Theyre no different than uniques, red text doesnt always equal something useful, personally im hunting for blue alien barrel so yes… they may as well not be

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And again, are you happy about it? Having rarities that does make any sens?

Oh I see what you mean. My bad, I read your original post incorrectly. I think in previous games it was harder to get legendaries in the first place, so I agree with you here. But even in BL2 I swapped to greens within the first five minutes of the game, then blues and purples and so forth.

Saying this like its something new; theres always been higher rarity gear that didnt match others, its choice; im not all up in arms because something shares the same color pallet as something i use

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I’ve probably used white rarity gear more in BL2, and that’s usually been a case of needing shield that was just a bit better than the higher rarity lower level one I had equipped. Maybe the odd grenade as well, if it was the element needed? Probably more likely to go with green or blue (all things being equal) if that’s the best thing for Right Now™.

BL3, the drop rates during levelling are such that I doubt I ever seriously look at stats on a white item (unless it has an anointment, but not always then.). I do, however, grab them to sell at the first available opportunity!


I finally got one of those Woodblockers towards the end of the Frenzy.