I bet you never seen luck like this before

Ok so I bought something like 13 Lego packs. I opened them all and decided let’s farm a little bit more to get one final one before the sale ends

So I ask you: have you ever seen such luck before?

Oh and I am gonna keep both


If Caldarius gets a serious buff, you’re ready for his reign.


I never understood this legendary. Movement speed when blinded is like giving someone attack speed when stunned. You don’t know where you are going when blinded. Should give damage reduction instead or increased CC reduction when blinded so the blind wears off a lot faster.

Blind us so incredibly rare as far as ccs go too

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Yea that too… but just the concept of it I guess. :slight_smile:

Why is that? You know where you were and where you were looking when you’ve been blinded so you know the approximate directions to go.

Looks like you burned out all of your luck with RNGJesus in one pack.

He gave you 2 Legendaries…

But it’s the one that’s absolutely abysmal.

He still got the last laugh in the end.

Next time you have to rip off your arm as an offering to see a repeat performance.

Yes but that’s not the case all the time. There is a mechanic in this game called body block. If you were facing one direction and something was behind you like minions, enemy or a pillar on some maps, you will just be wasting your speed stuck on the object. However with more CC reduction, you can get back to the fight. Granted, it’s a bit useful if you were already in a “Safe” spot when blinded and know where you are going, like what you said but not so useful to be 1800 legendary. I would rather prefer something like an additional CC reduction when blinded to protect you from chain CCs which is often run competitively or some damage reduction so when enemies capitalize on your blindness, you wont have low HP when you can see again. If they changed the effect to something like that, it will make it a better legendary.

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Happy Birthday?

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Look on the bright side, wait…there is no bright side to this.

At least that one is perfect stats? lol

Shadoculars should remain as they are; they’re a BB meme that need to stay.

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Idk, the screen get’s pretty bright when you get blinded. When it’s late and I’m playing, I’m even blinded irl. It’s so bright.

They should get the cloudkill treatment and made to be nearly OP. Like blinds no longer take effect and now heal or something ridiculous

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I’d also like to remind that it’s just a measly 4.20% boost in movement speed. And I think the maximum duration for a blind in this game is… 2 seconds?
Even if you know where you’re going that boost in speed won’t do anything. Run epic rogue boots for less and get at least 10 times more for your shards :stuck_out_tongue:

Not only is the bonus to movement speed negligible, and blind base duration is low, BUT as a -CC Duration piece of gear, it will lower the time you’re blinded thus lowering the amount of time that you get the boost! So the gear type itself prevents its special effect from benefiting you for too long.

It’s truly a gloriously awful piece of gear! Whoever made it deserves a medal of some sort.

“I have no idea where I’m going. But I’m going there FAST!”

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Sometimes RNGesus loves you:

Most of the time though I get crap, so I enjoyed that night. Happened twice, but I did have quite a few packs saved up.

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Yeah and CC gear itself is absolutely useless. And it never will be unless it’s too good, just replace it with something else already :sweat_smile:

Truth be told I am not mad. Was pretty happy to get them this way as I have a certain affinity towards gloriously bad items in games. At least it wasn’t a legendary after opening a bunch of regular packs only to behold a shadocular. I am more upset at my 13 other Lego packs being kinda meh as far as the legendaries go

Unless you’re near a cliff.
Incidentally… not the biggest Caldarius fan… but what he did to those thrall last night… friggin… lemmings…

Of course Attikus wasn’t too happy about it. Or the hearty laughter he had to endure from the rest of us.

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