I bought the digital deluxe edition and I have a question

I heard you were suppose to get keys for the new characters added,but after unlocking two of them it says I have no more keys left when there 2 others that I should be able to unlock. So where are the two other keys?

Did you use the keys to unlock any character other than Alani, Pendles, Ernest or Kid Ultra? If so the key is spent but will be returned upon meeting the requirements for unlocking them. The requirements are listed in the challenges section of the stats page on the command menu.

Nope. I made sure to pick the right ones. I literally turned the game on. did the prolog then went to unlock the new faces. I unlocked 2 of them then there were no more keys.

Then all I can say is try to submit a support ticket and get technical support.

I’m new here so how do I go about doing that?

I’m not sure. I’ve never had to do that. I think you can find that in the extras section at the main menu. If not let me tag someone that might know or know someone you does.

@epicender584 I think you know how to do this. I apologize if I’m wrong.

GBX support ticket submission.

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Lol Gulwulf had it
There is an absolute myriad of random problems with the season pass. I hope you can get this sorted out quick. They usually provide an expedient and generous service