I bought this game initially for multiplayer

This was my first Borderlands title I’ve ever played. I was thinking I was buying a decent multiplayer fps like destiny or warframe. Once I gave coop mode a try in which was a horrible experience. I learned fast this is pretty much a single player game unless you already have friends who play this or go out your way unto forums to find people to play with.

My first time playing coop it took nearly 30 minutes to find 1 person and the guy had modded guns one shotting everything in sight. I’ve tried a couple more times and I never was able to find a full party of 4 after nearly a year.

I feel as though Multiplayer/Coop should be some what of a focus and not completely ignored by devs, I’ve seen others post similar concerns. Now that you guys spent close to a year fixing mayhem levels your consumer would appreciate some love to multiplayer finally.


When they were promoting the game and debuted gameplay they said that you could join someones game and the enemies and loot would be at your level for you, and their level for the other player.

Was that mechanic limited to NVHM? Did it exist with Mayhem mode 1.0?

I never knew that was a thing. I’ve only played a few online games and that was when I was at the level cap.

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It was mentioned along with Loot Instancing during this event
(live gameplay reveal) https://youtu.be/LuasUz5ZIyA

Skip to the 26:00 mark.

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I’m going to be honest, a small amount of research into the game would have quelled those ideas in an instant so I’m not super sympathetic. The Borderlands games have ALWAYS (since day 1 of the original) been a Single Player experience with “optional” Co-Op and some duels for minor PvP content.

Also, I’m SUPER happy that Borderlands has kept things mostly single player focused. The gaming industry is so heavily saturated with online only and multiplayer focused games these days. Sometimes it’s nice to have the option to play something alone or offline. No, the game does NOT need to swap to multiplayer focus. 3/4 games these days already do that. I need a few in this genre (that Borderlands essentially started) that stay mainly single player focused.


I find this forum valid.highly.

Borderlands has always been to me.a co.op looter shooter. It Is the Og looter shooter co op experience all games.are based on…

Borderlands 3 feels like theyre trying to copy their copiers and not learning any of the mistakes And solutions they made.

Its sad.


I can careless about your sympathy…I’ve actually done a lot of research as I do with every game before I buy. What did you expect me to do ? Type in will borderlands 3 Multiplayer suck ? I used to watch alot of Joltzdude who was mainly playing single player but other streamers who would be playing coop in borderlands 2.

It’s just certain things you’ll never know about a game until you get your hands on it. You can research for years how to ride a bike but until you sit your ass on that seat and peddle its useless.


my only gripe is with the stability of the multiplayer. I can’t seem to find a lobby that I’m not rubberbanding like crazy in. that and the fact that lobbies are just random. i prefer the lobby list style in BL2.

so this game has been mostly a single player endeavor for me.

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I feel like when borderlands 3 first came out they wanted it to be very Multiplayer/Coop driven with end game takedowns, circle of slaughter and the proving grounds.

They just spent a year trying to fix bugs and rework the core issues with adding mayhem stuff they just haven’t had time. I think now is the perfect time for them to focus on coop.


That’s exactly what I’m saying, I saw alot of coop play with borderlands 2 on YouTube and twitch. I thought borderlands 3 would be similar. It didnt have to be like warframe with mostly multiplayer and barely single player but you know I would love to meet some cool people and do a takedown with someone once in a while.

Playing solo 100% of the time gets old really fast, that’s why alot of games to lean towards multiplayer. It keeps the game fresh and extend its playability.


More research would have told you the bike isn’t a moped and no amount of peddling will start an engine that isn’t there.


@13igTyme I clearly said I’ve done alot of research numerous times. Borderlands 2 did have a decent multiplayer experience let’s not sit here and act like it didnt.

The matchmaking did get quite a bit worse after Mayhem 2.0, but it’s never exactly been great in this game. There are some stability and multiplayer updates in the patches, but how the game performs for you you now will likely be how it performs for a while. Caveat emptor as Marcus would say.

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I completely agree, I hope they will improve Multiplayer/Coop but I also think it is very unlikely.

BL2 didn’t have open world like Destiny or Warframe. 10 second Google search would have been more research than you did. BL2 also had an enormous amount of issues. Including at one point people couldn’t play with others if they were higher than OP4. That wasn’t fixed for years.

@13igTyme You dont know anything about me to say I didn’t do research… they even spoke of coop in E3 like it would be a big deal! I’m not responding to you after this, your obviously trolling.

It’s kind of funny. I’m a single player person and only play co-op/multiplayer when necessary. A couple years ago, I bought Destiny thinking it sounded like a good single player/campaign game. Come to find out, Destiny is 100% multiplayer.

As you found out, the Borderlands games are not multiplayer games. I’m just sorry you wasted your money on a game you probably won’t play.

I wouldn’t say it was a waste, I love borderlands 3. It just gets old fast, once you beat the game and farm the weapons you want it’s time to move on to another game until they drop more content.

A game like destiny or warframe has more longevity because of Multiplayer. After you get all M10 weapons on DLC4 I just dont see the incentive to keep playing.

BL3 has the worst multiplayer interaction of any of the BL series. With Mayhem2.0, it diluted the multiplayer matchmaking as much as it did the loot pool.


There’s never been PvP in any of the Borderlands games. In that aspect it’s nothing like Destiny.

You are correct though that playing Borderlands with “friends” is a lot of fun, but you’re also correct that its a roll of the dice that you team up with someone who’s not cheating. Once my buddy decided he didn’t want to play anymore it was strictly single player for me.

Also, I didn’t realize Warframe had PvP, when did that happen? I used to play it years ago but moved on.

What have you thought of the single player campaign so far?