I broke Krieg and i need help fixing him

So i was just playing some borderlands yesterday and well i compleatly broke my krieg i now can no longer access my guns unless i swap the ones out in my hands other wise i cant see them and i have never seen this happen before in my entirety of playing borderlands since it was released but anyways what happend is that i went in to buzz axe rampage and well i didnt pull out my buzzsaw i just kinda ran around with the affects of rampage but i could use my guns i even have a video clip of it happening but honestly i need help because i cant access my guns like how i normally should and i really dont feel like making a new character to fix this but anyways heres the link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQOSpUeJGA4

ok never mind i fixed it but still its an pretty interesting glitch and i have no idea what set it off