I broke my gun...grrrr

I glitched and broke my rapid infinity pistol while playing the Mechromancer. Its stick on ‘reload’ but the gun does not reload due to infinite ammo. I cannot shoot it at all. I tried everything to reset the weapon but it was futile. The rapid and vengeful infinity pistols work on my other characters and other players but my mechromancer can’t fire that pistol anymore. Any ideas how to fix this?

Take out the Smaller, Lighter, Faster skill.
Dont put any points into it if u like your Infinity.

Putting even one point into Smaller, Lighter, Faster reduces the mag size of any gun by one (even with -1% the mag size is immediately rounded down by one or in other words, the subtraction is rounded up). The Infinity has a mag size of 1, using that skill results in a mag size of zero meaning it simply can’t be fired.
If you wish to use the Infinity for some reason you mustn’t spec into that skill which also means you are losing several of Gaige’s best skills. Getting a Nechromancer class mod from DLC4 can fix this if it comes with a mag size increase (signified by the Neutral prefix) but it’s honestly not worth it.

It wasn’t my skill tree that rendered it useless. I was in the middle of reloading a regular gun and went it my backpack and switched to my infinity before the original gun finished reloading. I can try resetting my skill tree to eliminate that possibilty of malfunction.

Simple. You are specked into a skill that decreases mag size. The only way to use infinity on gaige with that skill, is to have a tiny Tina com that boosts mag size.

as the others say this, Smaller, Lighter, Faster skill reduces ammo, the Infinity has only 1 Bullet, you reduce that amount you now have 0 Bullets, the Infinity will no longer work as it has no ammo, take the points out of that tree and your problem is solved , the Infinity will now work like it is supposed to

That shouldn’t break either weapon. Just humour us all by checking your skill tree for the presence of a point in Smaller Lighter Faster. Hopefully that’s all the problem is - if it’s something else entirely, you may have just found a new and entertaining way to break the game (in a bad way.)

My guess is that the weapon you were in the middle of reloading transferred that property (along with the other useful property you were hoping for) when you attempted to “merge” it with the Infinity. Since the Infinity always has 1 ammo and cannot be reloaded, you were unable to use it since a reload was required. Quitting and then Loading your game save should have resolved the issue.

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I reset my skilltree and my gun works now. Thanks everyone for all your help. Happy gaming!:blush:

Gaige and the Infinity don’t play nice sometimes. She has both a skill and a passive stat on some coms that renders it useless. Glad your problem got resolved.

To avoid any repeat occurrences, I think @Poisd2Strike may have potentially found the mark on the issue.

Seeing as this occurred when you were switching guns, if you did so mid-swap, it may have caused the game to glitch.

That being said, if you had reloaded and the issue was still present, then that would definitely be an oddity.

Merging doesn’t quite work like that. All it does is transfer passive bonuses from one gun to another by overlapping such as crit increases and moxxi health leeching. Special abilities and stats such as mag sizes from the old one aren’t transferred to the new one as the old one needs to be used itself (no Infinity on every gun for that reason). Salvador would be even more broken otherwise as he essentially merges two guns all the time.

On that note I’ve tried to replicate that and it just didn’t happen. Gaige’s Infinity malfunction shenanigans are quite a common occurrence if not known beforehand.

And one little fun fact: The Infinity can be reloaded but only if you completely empty your pistol ammo and switch to it. It will now have 0 ammo and if you pick some pistol ammo up it can be reloaded as the mag is still empty.

I get what you mean, mate. But it isn’t what I was referring to directly.

Didn’t think it was merging, as people do it all the time.

I was implying that there may a hitherto unknown of glitch that can occur with much of the same mechanic but slightly off, it’s why I avoided the term merging in specific.

She seemed to highlight the exact instance it happened, and kept mentioning her backpack.

That’s why I said I tried to replicate it and mentioned the Gaige issue. She didn’t exactly specify that she used the Infinity all the time and switched to it when she needed it, not noticing that Smaller, Lighter, Faster reduces mag size at least by one and a respec did fix it, more serious bugs wouldn’t be fixed by that.

Yea, I got that mate.

I was assuming that bit meant she hadn’t specced in to Smaller, Lighter, Faster. Unless she just dismissed the notion completely originally, until trying it out.

Just figured after that she would’ve waited a moment as well and tried to reset the game before getting on and asking for advice.

Cause wouldn’t something as simple as exiting the game and getting back in to it, reset that? Unless of course it was always the problem.

If it really is a bug caused by accidentally switching guns then a reset should have fixed it indeed. However, she only replied a few days later and I don’t believe she left the game running all the time so at least one or two resets should’ve happened. She came back saying that a respec fixed it so I am really just thinking that skill was the issue.
Feels like some sort of detective job…

But I do know why you mean too, pal. My initial reply was also referring to the reply you replied to, hence the merging and Infinity reload thing.

Don’t abandon me now Watson, we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Ooohhh. Well, you can see why I though you were talking to me.

So it shall be.

( I am sorry)

Well, I did reply to you directly so that is just me causing unnecessary confusion. I did mean to talk to you though. I admit I should’ve been a bit clearer.

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That video is brilliant.

I played that game, and remember bumping in to him every 10 steps.


Haven’t played it myself but that video was just so hilarious (especially at 0:44).

But now we are going off-topic.