I broke the sentinel....(PC)

Playing as Kelvin, Attacked 2nd set of crystal recharge stations. Knocked off platform by sentinel, hit sublimate, ended up under the platform. Had to suicide to get back.

Sentinel stuck in immortal mode, doesn’t attack, just sits there, inbetween platform and crystal island… Note he has an AOE knockback as well (which is why I’m tossed off island 1st time in video).

10 minutes in, I’m going to have to die out of mission to what loot I found… :frowning: Sad Kelvin.

Sorry for audio hiss. Ignore my gear, selected wrong load out.

Video link: Glitched Sentinel

Video of location I sublimated to on accident: Hidey Hole

Seen this issue a few times. Appears to be a bug related to his positioning for the jump to the islands and the trigger that he doesn’t need to after shards die. Best option to avoid the bug is to always wait till he’s on the island before you kill the shards.

In another thread, someone posted that it was more of a routing issue than taking the shards down too quickly - apparently, if you block the Sentinel’s path it will glitch out whether or not the shards are destroyed.

Ive seen this once, and found a potential solution, assuming you have raina or somone else with heavy knoback. When he gets stuck ive managed to un-stick him by using raina’s ult to force him off the map and that fixed the problem

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Someone said it happens when you kill second shard exacty while Old Sentinel is in the air after his jump. That means if you kill both shards before he jumps, it’s OK. But I prefer to wait a bit until he lands on the platform and then finish off the shard. 100% safe.

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It actually only works with Reyna because her ult doesn’t actually do knockback (yet). It does “push”, much like the various bosses that don’t send you flying back but instead push you to the limits of the effect (melee bosses do this a lot as well as Antem when he throws up his green minion shield).

Afaik, it only happens when the Sentinel is in mid-air and you kill the shards. I’ve never heard of it happening any other way (you can also “break” the Arc and Vyn similarly, but they don’t go invuln so it’s not really a big issue), especially since I’ve seen plenty of people block his path; he just pushes you out of the way (or off the side).

Random interesting tactic you can use with Reyna: if you push the Sentinel off the side with Reyna, the Sentinel will die from said fall (which ends the fight a couple minutes early) and, while you won’t be able to pick up the items, because the game picks up all available items when the mission ends, you’ll still get all of your loot.

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Gearbox! How is this not fixed yet?

Our team put an hour into this, collected a bunch of loot, Legendaires.
We tried everything, all of us exited and came back, TWICE!
Then we all jumped so there would be no lives left and the game would end, but it didn’t, we were dead with no lives!

Because it’s complicated, most likely. The “easiest” solution would be to just not have the shards appear until the Sentinel is on the platform, but they might not want to do that for whatever reason.

Also, it’s not as if this happens randomly. You just need to make sure you don’t destroy the shards while the boss is in mid-air and make sure the rest of your party knows it before starting the fight (there’s a chat function for a reason).

…I have over 600 hours into Advanced Story mode, this is something I’ve known about for weeks.
This would require us to have a teaching session each random team, which gets very annoying.

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[quote=“wisecarver, post:9, topic:1541448, full:true”]This would require us to have a teaching session each random team, which gets very annoying.

You just have to ask yourself, is it more annoying to give the talk or more annoying to have the Sentinel glitch out? To me, it’s more annoying to have it glitch out, so I do it every time I do Sentinel, right before the fight. I’ll also remind them mid-fight as Sentinel is running over.

Please note that MOST of the people I’m playing with in the morning hours are Asian.
So, do I use flash cards since we don’t speak the same language? :acmtease:

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The obvious solution is to simply learn every single Asian language and keep a separate keyboard with the Asian characters prepped for use. Duh. What are you, lazy?

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…Shortly after I enlisted, in 1979, I had 3 very impressive Japanese trainers.
Now at nearly 56 years of age, the best my mind can do is remember what it already knew. :wink:
I’m a big fan of the Asian cultures btw.

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Same glitch happened to me and a friend a few times. Haven’t found a solution yet

…I can confirm it happens a lot and the one solution we use at times does not always work.
Your team needs to agree to jump and die at the same time, with no lives left in the game.
But…On the latest one I posted it didn’t work. Nothing did, and we are not sure the shards were destroyed too soon.

[quote=“xxspartanwizxx, post:14, topic:1541448, full:true”]Haven’t found a solution yet

Other than the solution of “don’t let it happen”, at least before the latest big patch (which, admittedly, changed how the ability worked on the back end), the only way to break the Old Sentinel out of his bugged state was to use Reyna’s ultimate right next to him (since it is/was a push rather than a knockback), which would either knock him off the side and kill him or simply kick the script in the butt so that the fight would resume (you could also use it when he was at the edge and just knock him off for instant win; you wouldn’t be able to pick up the loot but you’d still receive it at mission completion so there was no real downside, other than not fighting).