I BURNED THE MEATSTEAK (My fav 72 build for Krieg)

Type: Melee, fire, and survival
Skills: (link)
Level of build: 72
Difficulty: Medium

Your main loadout will want to be as follows:
– Hellfire, alternatively Good Touch if you wish to Moxxify the loadout
– Pyrophobia
– Fire RokSalt, alternatively Heartbreaker for Moxxification
– Fire Ruby, or any purple-rarity Maliwan or Hyperion pistol
– Either Rough Rider or FotF, with the lowest regen speed, delay, and capacity and highest blast radius and damage
– Health, melee, or fire damage/chance relic
– Legendary Torch or Legendary Psycho mod

Burning through flesh like no one’s business, burning through shields and armor slightly less so. Regenerating and tanking health faster than they can dish out. If things go sideways, plan B is Release the Beast. With a lot of stacks in Elation and EtP you run through ammo pretty fast, so have some ammo regen handy. Really heavy shields, e.g. guardians, may pose a threat, but the melee makes swift work of it.

I personally can’t get to 72, sadly. I’m stuck at the 61 level cap, since the only DLC I have are from the GotY. But, if I could, this is how I’d build it.

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This build works even at *op8, I would however sugest some changes:

  • Strip the Flesh - without explosive weapons you shouldn’t get much out of it;
  • Delusional Damage - retaining a good part of Hellborn’s bonuses while matching other elements;
  • Only fire-elemental gear - although Hellborn’s theme is about fire it also works with other elements, not to mention you’ll also face a lot of fire-resistence — my hellborn-mania melee spec for example mainly uses explosive and corrosive weapons.
  • Light the Fuse - up to op2 it can be used — only to be removed if playing past op2 since its damage does not scale with the op levels.

*except for LtF.

I think @cyoung2094 is using it for Light the Fuse, which still suffers from poor scaling. I wouldn’t use it in the OP levels.

Oh, I didn’t notice the point in LtF; apart from this, the build should work at op8.

Admittedly I wasn’t really considering OP levels. Again, I don’t have Digistruct Peak.

How’s this look, considering OP levels?

I would say it’s better but I would still change those points from Thrill of the Kill to Fire Fiend and Pain is Power incase you plan on using guns more than melee; since you don’t have other gun damage mod sources PiP’s damage buff cancels out the crit penalty so you don’t lose anything from spec’ing into it (although not true with melee since you get the Buzzaxe Rampage melee mod), here’s more sauce on PiP.