I came back for the new takedown, still not enjoyable

Still have specific guns that just do way too much damage and every other gun does far too little damage. The low damage guns combined with the bloated healthbars just makes them absolutely pointless and a waste of time to use. You keep nerfing all the strong guns I get so I have had to drop back to mayhem 7 in order to complete content. Coming back each patch and constantly having your gear nerfed is really demoralizing.

I would prefer the enemies do more damage and have more effects like knockback whilst giving the badass enemies and bosses the insane bloated health. I used to love using Rowans call and lucians call but no matter how I spec my Moze the healthbars are so high that it just takes too long compared to all the other powerful weapons. Why should I go through the struggle when there are vastly quicker and easier solutions? With the visual effect flood included when playing with my friends I just don’t have fun using those types of guns anymore.

Still have some odd weapon design choices. I have a mayhem 10 Devils Foursum that when the Moze Torgue splash perk procs it puts me into FFYL guaranteed. I just can’t bring myself to not take the perk as it provides so much bonus splash damage. 1 shot to instagib yourself but several clips just to kill a normal enemy mayhem 7 and above >.<. C’mon devs! It is such a short range gun I think the splash radius of it needs to be toned down.

If you are serious about keeping the bloated health you need to scale the damage more aggressively between mayhem levels. The current change to SMGs is still insufficient. Why would I take a buffed Bitch over a nerfed Yellowcake when the yellowcake still melts things way quicker?

I enjoyed borderlands 3 when it was first released even the mayhem modes were more enjoyable. I would run through all the bosses, trials and slaughters over and over and over again. Then the nerfs started and half the arsenal you spent an unreasonable amount of time farming for is no longer viable. The devs are actually responsible for killing my enjoyment but i’ll come back to each new release to try and justify the $160 or whatever it was I spent on the game.