I can be hot headed but I do apologize now

I have been informed that I have a “universal rep of salt.”

I do apologize for my past behaviors as I get really competitive and have been known to have a short fuse. It doesn’t help that I’m a quiet guy if you have ever been in a party chat with me, so all that really is remembered about me is getting mad.

Truth is I am a nice guy and overly polite in real life; I just need to hold my tongue more often than I do when frustrated.

I used to play with two other fellas (Other than Shad0wNova - my boyfriend) who recently unfriended me and never gave me a reason why. I can only imagine it was because of my reputation, so here is me with my tail between my legs hoping that I can erase this image of me.

I have been here since Beta and absolutely love this game and hoping to enjoy tons more of it. I have put in a lot of time trying new gear loadouts, new strategies; even branching out to support, as KU is the only one I feel confident with.

Mumifiedcows83 is the name (Although I wish sony would allow us to change gamertags; at least for a price.)

I am sincerely sorry.


I wish you luck in mending your rep, I know people can change and that we all act differently on mic compared to who we actually are. But I’ve seen a couple of the messages you’ve sent out to people. It might take some time to change the general ps4 community’s opinion of you. Best of luck.


I’ve had my clashes with you. I considered them settled a long time ago, and in the few times I’ve spoken with you since, you’ve seemed decent.

Personal advice: your reputation is nowhere near as bad as some others I could name. I doubt your troubles with your beau are over what strangers on PSN main. Talk with him. If he doesn’t want to communicate with you, that’s a problem unto its own.

Besides, if you’d ever been on mike with me on the bad side of a 4v5, you’d understand that, comparatively, you were and are quite mild.


Oh, my bf and I are two peas in a pod lol. I meant the two other fellas unfriended me because of my behavior, at least I think that is the reason why. I’ve tried asking them, but have yet to hear back - Going on a couple months now. I hope to mend that friendship as they were a lot of fun to talk to.

I do appreciate the words though. Thank you.

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I changed my title to “Short Temper” to reflect my saltiness. Although it’s mostly salt against randoms, nobody on here, yall too nice.

Too nice I’ll show you too nice!
@system is a dork

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It’s very admirable of you to acknowledge your faults. I played with you last night and we didn’t talk till that very last sketchy match. But when we did you were nice encouraging. Scored major points from me.

I know what you mean by having a short fuse, I have one too and it sometimes gets out of hand. (happens mainly playing with random but that’s no excuse) Its never pretty and usually results in me being unfriended, but knowing you have a problem is the first step to resolving it so I wish you the best and hope we can play again sometime. :blush:

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Eh… Some people are just different on mic; i doubt that anyone here who has ever been on mic with lil’ 'ol me had expected to hear just about every curse word and pseudo-curse word in the English language come out of my beak… Repeatedly. I am partial to the “C”-word, and no, i DON’T mean “cute”…

@AncientBelgareth, @Codarik and @MiSS_SHARiNGAN know what i mean… :smirk:

Still, people know that i’m a nice guy and mean nothing by it. Like Toby, i will often over-apologize for it after the match ends, for good or for ill. I judge by actions, not words. So, unless you like to send out hate-mail like a certain PS4 player with a Pokemon-themed name, you are good in my book!


I will admit that there is hate mail out there from me that I want to take back. There is no excuse for getting that angry. But I feel I have been better about it. I dislike unsportmanship and I hate that I have become that at times.

I am trying, and hope to show that to players on here. Thank you for the kind words!


My psn is anima.of.all

You may remember me. We have most definetly exchanged words before. I can relate to a lot of what you said. We are good.

Now that that’s done I just gotta admit: your whiskey is pretty damn good

I remember the first match I met you in, and clearly remember being frustrated. I did not mean for the rivalry to get to where it did and I apologize. I’m more than happy to squad up sometime!

Thank you! I love Whiskey. I think (maybe someone else did it at the time) but I think I started the Vow of Zealous Fury/ Gallahadric Gun Grease trend that works like a charm but have started trying other styles of play with new gears. Too expensive :stuck_out_tongue:

I just remember finding it odd that a 4 man was willing to put healer duty on a rando and that you guys would not use my sunspots.

Then I remember you playing whiskey when I was Toby on monuments and you just shredded me. Thought it was kind of a fluke but whenever I ran into your whiskey it was stressful. I really like gun grease vow combo but dropped it too lol

Send me a friend request :slight_smile:

Aww… This is nice…


I heard about your hate mail to/by my friend MadJack64. So everytime we came across you we made it a point focus/kill/taunt you any chance possible. But seeing how you are having a change of heart, I’ll tell him about this. Maybe we can play together sometime.

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Lies you’re evil @handsomecam
You hate cookies and snakes!
I know very well of how evil you are
(Love you @handsomecam :stuck_out_tongue:)

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“Ah HA, ya’ll heard it. Toby has admitted he’s cute. Now all I gotta do is get Nova to piece this bit of self-realization into an audio file and broadcast it ship-wide. Oh man, aheheh, it’ll be sweet! But not as sweet as cute little Toby.”

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Please, don’t bump a thread out of nowhere just for interpersonal banter.