I can feel the toxin's flowing through my veins

But if you don’t know a champ, ASK HOW TO USE HIM. OR HER. Or better yet, try them out in pve first! GET A FEEL! Don’t be dead weight :x please :X Really takes the fun out of it when one bad players bogs down the whole team l3l

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wait, so does the flowing belong to the toxin? does anyone get my joke?

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Depends on the character. I just started with Reyna who has a very different playstyle in pve and pvp. Even the private pvp AI is too stupid to practice with lol. So I’m jumping into public matches, and am just having to do the best I can! Everyone will choose different ways to learn new characters, unfortunately.

It’s one thing to be giving a new character a go by choice, and another to have it forced upon you…

For example, last night I kept having my screen bug out when it switched from the waiting queue to the vote for map screen…

It didn’t let me vote, didn’t let me choose my preferred character or even assign any gear!

I just suddenly found myself loaded into a game, with a random character I generally wouldn’t use, with no gear load out… It was awful to say the least.

But I did my best to not let the team down, even though I was having to learn a character and their helix layout on the fly… Gotta learn some how I guess, haha.

But let’s all just try to be kind to one another, we will win some and lose some… If they won’t ask for help, try to politely offer it, or hope you aren’t with them again (find myself doing this so often, haha).

Good luck with your future match ups!

A bad player is likely to be a bad player regardless of whether or not they’re familiar with a character. That guy on your team who has no kills, 12 deaths, and 5 minion kills isn’t just bad with that character, he’s bad at the game. Even with a new character it’s usually not hard to just stay alive and kill minions. People just can’t seem to figure out that it’s an option.


i like your style

Pfft! There you go with that Grammar [National_Socialist] thing…

Me? I’m rather fascinated by watching the language evolve over time. Can’t imagine the horror of being a retired copy editor or something, and seeing that sort of thing showing up REGULARLY on CNN, Fox, etc. Must be pure Hell.

To the OP: Agreed. Now, there IS a limit to what an individual player can be expected to learn/know about a character from PvE and solo PvP, before going live with teammates depending on him/her. And some of us are better at gaming in general, FPS more specifically, and tasks like maintaining situational awareness rather specifically, than are others. A less-good FPS player whose only experience with a particularly challenging character? Gonna be at the lower end of a steep learning curve. Might not be a TOTAL scrub, but will seem so to folks who’ve done enough time on that toon to have mastered it three or four times over.

So, the rest of the story is, where do GOOD players go to learn to herd cats?