I can finally start my farming since the update~

I’m so happy about the update, they manage to fix the freezing issue Pre-Sequel had. Now I can farm for my SHD0-TP and… T-T Why is it so hard to get this head.

Do I have to get it through the story (it will suck) or do I get it through farming the Hacker mission?

If you don’t know which head I’m talking about, it’s the one where he has the mask.

Does it matter which difficulty I use for the Hacker mission to summon to summon Shadow TP on wave 3?

Don’t know about the difficulty, but as it’s a legendary head it could well take a while. You might have better luck with more players, depending on how the game is set up: in BL2 certain of the raid bosses have extra chances to drop goodies based on the number of players.

Edit to add: doesn’t look like you need to run through the story again, so just farm the mutator arena.

Well thanks for telling me it’s a legendary, least I know what I’m looking for. Oh my god this is like so annoying to farm for…I’ve done the Hacker mission over 100 times and it keeps giving me either Athena’s head, Baroness or Wilhelm’s heads -_-