I can get a sham so trade one

as the titel ses i farmed the bunker a 100 times but cant get the sham so i wanne trade one for other guns i lwand the 94% absorbson chance i have norfliets and infinetys for trade

What level you need?

Are you OP8? I’d be interested in a lot of OP8 guns as I have a couple of perfect Shams.

I’m op8, what do you have op8?

I’ve got a couple of DP Unkempt Harolds, both with Torgue Grips. I’ve got a Corrosive Vengeful Infinity, Impetuous Flakker, Pacifying Pitchfork, Slag Puissant Norfleet, a couple of Casual Swordsplosions. For class mods I have a Legendary Gunzerker and Slayer of Terramorphous (Gunzerker). For grenades I’ve got Chain Lightning and Fire Storm. And of course, the perfect Sham. All OP8.

An OP8 Legendary Titan just dropped from a Tubby Spiderant. :slight_smile:

i allreddy got one from a friend thanks evryone but im op 4 but i lake a op8 sham if one of you have one

thanks i got all of those thanks

no im op4