I can go offline but my husband can't

I have the xbox one x and my husband just the xbox one. He purchased borderlands 3 and game shares with me. My console is set as his home and his as my home just so we can share multiple titles that allow it. We have no issues playing online together and I can play borderlands 3 in offline mode as well. Everytime he tries to goes offline and boots up the game he gets an error message to make his xbox his home so he can play in offline. What’s up with this? He purchased the game on his console and if it allows me to go offline when I don’t even own the license, why won’t it let him? This makes no sense at all. How do I fix this without changing home consoles as we would lise access to some games .

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I have the same issue.

If I want to play offline I have to start the game in ONLINE mode and as soon as the claptrap screen popes up with him walking across the screen I quickly switch to offline and it runs fine. Even if I quit the game it will run fine again after that.

The first time though I have to have it in online mode.

This is a “Thing”. The console not set as home is effectively bricked when offline, as in you may not even be able to play DVDs and Bluray discs, and even if you can it will only be for about 1 hour before it demands the console be reconnected to a live internet connection.

The best I can figure out is it is some type of anti-piracy idea that Microsoft implemented as some form of Digital Rights Management. You should notice that games you have bought will not run, physical media you have in hand will not play or run. Essentially, until you have a live internet connection the console will refuse to do nearly anything.

I have seriously considered filing a complaint with my state attorney general but have yet to bother filing all the forms out to do so. If you’ve never filed a complaint, it’s several hours of work often.

I spent a couple hours with Microsoft trying to “troubleshoot” the issue only to have them point out this is working apparently as intended.

Short answer: Unless I missed something important in your post your consoles are working as Microsoft wants them too. It’s not a Borderlands 3 issue, nor is it something they can change as it is at the operating system level with Xbox One consoles.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to call ■■■■■■■■ on the above. My main console is not my home device, nor is it a console that is regularly online. No problems what so ever. I can’t play digital games offline, but that’s kinda the point of it not being my home console. Only your home console can play digital games offline.

In regards to GrfxGawd being told “that’s normal”, I’m afraid to say it sounds like you might have spoke to someone who couldn’t find the issue, so fobbed you off with a ■■■■■■■■ excuse for why that wasn’t actually a “problem” they could fix. Being in the business of remote support, unfortunately it happens.

But to reiterate, you should NOT have your console bricked by being offline. Physical games and other functions that don’t require Internet should work FINE.

You SHOULD need to be online to play a digital game on a console that ISN’T your home console. It sounds like your running the digital game on a console that is not actually your home console.

… that said, I can’t play a physical copy offline, which is why I found myself here. DID save my arse when I hit a bug that wiped the game from my console. Great to finally get another Borderlands, but the game is buggy as all ■■■■.

Maybe they should work fine, but for fact they don’t. Do a web search, there are threads concerning it. I can’t post a video proving it, unless I used a video camera, and frankly I don’t think I have to prove it because anyone can do it themselves.

By default your device is Home. If you don’t have multiple machines and you aren’t trying to share the benefits of Gold across them you likely won’t ever encounter this issue.

Also, there is zero reason you should need to be connected to anything to play a digital version of a game. If the copy lives local there’s zero reason you need a live connection. It’s no different than running an app on a phone, laptop, or PC that isn’t conected to a live internet connection. Code executes or it doesn’t. These things are not (yet) streamed. Even DRM can be locally verified, there’s plenty of hardware and software both that have done so for decades. Heck, applications were being verified before running before DRM was even a term.

My strong suspicion (because I have no literal confirmation from Microsoft) is they did this at least in part to prevent someone from copying games from a licenced machine to another device and then selling those machine loaded with games to other people.

Here is a possible solution - When Claptrap starts dancing from the left side to the right side of the screen as the game is starting, keep pressing the A button (quickly). The load screen is when the micro-patches are applied. This should will run the game without the micro-patches. This is something apparently people on all platforms are able to do. I hope this helps.

If you’re already launched the game quit it first after selecting the character you want to load.