I can make videos now

I upgraded my pc so I don’t have to beg all of you to make videos for me anymore. I’m mainly going to go back and make build videos and maybe a few other things.

You can find my stuff there if you want to see.

Latest Video


Maya Build OP8 playthrough

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Borderlands TPS build videos

Bekah Guide Series


So can we make video request to you now?


Sure why not, I most likely won’t listen to them but go ahead :smile:

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Play Salvador with Infinities!

Inconceivable and 5 shots or 6 have great synergy with the Infinity.

I usually just roll a slag and explosive Infinity and I’m set!

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That does give me an idea of a proper Sal infinity build

My video request is for Aurelia, not a build video…but rules and etiquette to properly playing her. Needs to be 1 hour long.

You don’t tell Aurelia what to do, do you have a turbo mansion? Do your car doors open up? I didn’t think so. How many commas’ do you have sir?

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I have a regular house, a standard car door, only in the 1 comma club, came close to the 2 commas once.

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I doubt you can even afford this

Did your loss on evolve cost you your third comma?

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No, Zsoki accidentally hit some delete key and my bank deleted some of my money.

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She has to stop putting things down on your keyboard

Dope show. Sweet allusions.

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@MOLMF here you go


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Yes I am pleased.

A second sal infinty video at @Chuck80 request

This time with much more @Spunky117

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It was too fun.

New video of Deputy Jack Build

Nevermind youtube is being a dick and I have to reupload

YouTube does this occasionally.

No just no and more of no, did I mention no? Lol

Nothing about that sounds fun to me at all sorry.

Who would even watch that even if he hypothetically completed that challenge. Watching paint dry would literary be a better and more soothing alternative.

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