I can make videos now

Now Youtube stopped its 95% junk the Deputy Jack build video is done

It might take a bit before its available in more than 360p since youtube is being slow today

Dude, dat BAR… :flushed:

I think you hold a WR for that?

I’ve seen a lot of people with more, but yeah I was glad bar didn’t transfer over to TPS.

Also I have a lot of hours in this game, like a scary amount.

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Ok, then. But nevertheless, it’s very impressive. More so because I know it’s completely legit.

Thanks, also put up a new videos about snipers

and made a thread about it here

Yup, I’m reading it atm.

Next will be Jakobs snipers, give me your input not many know snipers like you

Jacobs is a mess. Bolt action fails completely to deliver any meaningful DPS on UHVM, and the most (consistently)powerful Jacobs SR, and one of the most powerful SRs in the game, is a shotgun wannabe. Godfinger can be powerful, but it’s absolutely impractical, and is more of a toy.

The hawkeye is nothing special on its own, however, with the Bee it’s a different story, but everybody knows that.

Yup bolt action as a whole to me is wrong if they are going to do the ultra slow and powerful sniper I’m totally down for that but make them ultra powerful.

The Unforgiven, rex, also fail on that note.

Change Jacobs red-text blues to purples on UVHM. They will be more like the longbow and will take their niche, which differs from the trash can.

The skullmasher is good. A unique gun. Nothing to change. Although, GBX should try to farm it, and see if they like the process. :smiley: In team of 4: 1 kills the boss, 3 catch the gun.

The Godfinger’s split should happen a little earlier, it won’t disbalance the weapon(it’s a pearlescent, ffs), but it will make it more useful.

Yeah, it feels like some of the guns were designed with complete disregard of UVHM. I mean, the Unforgiven is only available in UVHM, wth, GBX. Such a wasted potential.


New video part 2 of the red text guide, Jakobs Snipers, going up right now

Some bolt action sniping

some longbow actoin

another lynchwood sniper run, this the the sloth

The dahl sniper video

The end of the sniper section, and finished the bang that is the Patriot!

Sorry audio got messed up, I’ll redo these

patriot video fixed

part one of my bekah guide

Part two of the bekah guide I’ll start the thread soon to go with the good,bad,ugly thread

The next good, bad, ugly is up I’ll update the thread after work today

Also another bekah one and almost done with TPS build videos

Not bad for a guy who went from “I can’t make videos on this laptop” to “I make videos every day sucker”.

Keep up the good stuff.

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