I can make videos now

Speaking of that… its Vladof day

hail and kitten in lynchwood

So Derch is probably going to post his POV of it here, so I figure I add mine.

So this is what happen when you throw a few storm fronts at a Ion Loader. Highlight lasts 30 seconds.

Link to video

Yeah I’ll have that up later, I just cut it down and im uploading now.

there it is

axton bekah guide is out

Some sweet 3 comma co-op play

Ogre testing in lynchwood

4 player peak run with

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Nice! I think I’ve explored Zer0 inside-out(no innuendos, please), it’s probably time to move on.

Maya looks like a nice piece to explore. Yeah, explore… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Part 2 of my op8 play through is up

1 more part to my op8 maya run, add 2 videos about not having matching parts

Needs a new series…when not to use 2X accessory on pistols. (Fibber, Maggie, Thunderball etc.)

side note: I like youtube’s new player UI.

started doing some battleborn previews since Im really excited about that game