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RE: your last Maya playthrough part 6:

Regarding your shields idea, I would like Jakobs shield to be armor instead. So you have to watch out for corrosive weapons. Maybe the armor is massive with a very high delay and recharge rate. I am pretty sure some characters can play off those.

EDIT: I guess it doesn’t have to be a Jakobs only gimmick. This would be better if all manufacturer produced shield/armor.

I love that idea, a new take on turtle shields. I can see 2 takes on Jakobs shields, leather ones like the rough rider or arm ones like you pointed out.

Also new video, Bar and Hyperion guns, its not a big deal

I actually revised that idea in my head. Because the devil’s advocate in me ask why have another defense unless it is tactically different. I don’t think Armors should have Recharge Delay on the tech pool at all. I was thinking it behaves more like Maya’s Sustenance with a steady constant healing (re-armoring)…with a decent capacity.

[quote=“Derch, post:1, topic:439350, full:true”]
I upgraded my pc so I don’t have to beg all of you to make videos for me anymore.[/quote]
Pretty much how it went.

Derch: Make this video for me.
Zsoki: Okay sure I’ll do it tomorrow
-5 days later-
Derch: Where’s the video?
Zsoki: I’m busy!(lazy)
-2 months later-
Derch: Hey I got a new PC check out my video!
Zsoki: WTF I thought you needed ME, thumbing them down.

But I’m glad you are making videos now though, still have a few to watch. :+1:

That’s were my dislikes are coming from…

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putting up the newest tales of the borderlands episode

New video on who I think is the best designed character of the franchise

and now the opposite, the worst designed character