I can never find groups

It seems I just sit in queue forever and do not find a single person to queue up for the social screen groups. Am I doing something wrong here? Playing on PC.

excuse me :l which queue are you in ?

I queue up for all 3 modes through the social main menu screen.

I haven’t tried public games yet…
I heard you can only find public game successfully in Mayhem 3 :confused:

Since I can’t even progress past Wave 3 or 4 in Cistern of Slaughter Mayhem 2 yet, I didn’t even try to queue for public game…
Though I would like too! :smiley:

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Console gamer here so this might not be relevant, but is NAT type a thing on PC in terms of you network and router settings?

It is on console, and it has to do with your router’s ports/port forwarding. If you have a strict NAT you can run into matchmaking issues. You want this to be set to Open.

Need a PC head to chime in though.

i always find people online on pc perma 4 ppl for circle’s and grounds

your search is centered around the difficulty you have enabled. I guess noone is actually playing on mayhem 2. maybe try on mayhem 1 to see if you find people playing that?

That’s the broken part of the matchmaking. It strictly limits you to what mayhem level and mode you’re in. I wish it would give you options like BL2 did. I’m a PS4 player and can never find a match on tvhm with mayhem 3.