I can not start the game unless i do it as administrator? Guns change picture with grenades

Wow, this has to be the most problematic releases i’ve seen in years tbh with everything that’s going on.

  1. Can’t start game unless i run as administrator or the first load picture pops up freezing forever and nothing happens

  2. inventory items change pciture for no apparent reason in inventory gear selection. Suddently a grenade can look like on of my guns and vice versa.

Sollution someone?

This isn’t a solution to the issue, but may help at least your sanity while you fix it.

Create a shortcut to the game .exe, right click that shortcut and go to advanced, and check the “Run as Administrator” box. At least then you don’t have to manually remember to run as an admin for now.

Thank you. Will do that as a temporary sollution until gearbox actually care to answer to all people’s critique and inform that they have a massive work ahead of them to take care of…As far as i know, not one Gearbox representative has made one answer in here…