I can’t get op levels

I do not own the commander Lilith dlc but it won’t let me get op level it says try completing again at level 80 does anyone know what I need to do

Unfortunately with how the dlc changed the level cap and how the OP levels behave I believe you need the DLC to access them.

Without the DLC it’ll be impossible I’m afraid. And those who hit op8 before this DLC but didn’t get it during the free period are now stuck with level 80 gear in a 72 game.

Hey everyone…
Any news about this or should I create another support ticket?
I think I am encountering the exact same problem at the moment. Playing on Xbox One (Handsome Collection), without the Commander Lilith DLC (missed the free month unfortunately).
Went to Digistruct Peak with my level 72 character, completed it twice, but I still cannot select any overpowered levels. Restarted the game both times, but nothing. No option to select OP1 or anything.
I also got a message at the end of completing Digistruct Peak, saying something like “you can get OP levels once you finish this challenge at level 80”.
So I am kind of stuck right now and dont know what to do. Is this a bug or am I really not able to get any OP levels anymore without the Lilith DLC?
(on a side note: the Lilith DLC is marked as “free” when I check “Downloadable Content” in the main menu. However, once I select that, I get to the Xbox marketplace where it is listed at €14.99. Whats the deal with that? Its really kind of confusing. If it is not free then it should not be marked as such in the main menu.)

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If you got an answer the first time, did it work, if so have you tried it this time and if it does not work then yeah may be better to submit another ticket.

now for an Obvious check, you probably do do this but it never hurts to ask.

After running digi peak, do you save & Quit, then in menu I always hit “Y” reselect my Toon I’m running with, then a screen comes up asking what OP level I want, in this case starting at 72(OP 0) it would give options to play at OP 0 or OP 1 and so on.

As I said, obvious stuff, but occasionally the mind goes Pffffftttt,

Someone posted a screen shot the other day of the Digipeak dialog box, which stated that OP levels could be unlocked once the character reached level 80. And this was without the Commander Lilith DLC, so that seems like a bug.

@the.sams: I’m assuming the in-game info hasn’t been patched yet. If you successfully complete DigiPeak and do as @LunaticOne suggested and there are no OP levels showing as available but you’re not getting XP over level 72, reply to the last email on your previous support ticket and let them know exact details.

Thanks guys, but I have not created a ticket so far. The OP of this thread apparently did. I just hijacked this thread because i have the same problem and thought that somebody might have a solution by now.
(Edit: posts were moved by a mod, so this part does not make any sense here anymore.)

@LunaticOne: yes, i have tried that. First thing i did after completing Digistruct Peak. Saved and exited to main menu, hit Y and reselected my character. No option to select OP1. Just the usual Normal, TVHM and UVHM. So i completely quit the game and restartet, but with the same result. Still no OP levels. Tried that 2 times.

I guess I will just create another ticket then and see how it goes

If you can, grab a screen shot of the dialog that pops at the end of Digipeak - that should help clarify things.

Edit: Merged identical threads.

Just got an answer from the Gearbox Software Support. The short version is, that gaining OP levels is no longer possible without the Commander Lilith DLC.

Or in other words, Gearbox knowingly and deliberately cut existing (paid) content from the game, just to put it into yet another new DLC, forcing players to pay for that very same content once again.

So anyone who missed that free month has now not only lost the ability to gain any OP levels (making the whole Digistuct Peak Challence DLC pointless), but also lost all those guns/items they probably spent countless hours to farm at OP8. Unless of course they are willing to spend yet another 15€ on yet another DLC (which, by the way, is 50% more than any other DLC that came out so far).
For a game that will eventually be replaced by it’s successor less than 4 months after the release of that DLC. Just to get back something they originally already owned and paid for previously.

Excuse my harsh words here, but that this is not exactly the best advertisement for Borderlands 3 or Gearbox as a whole.

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[quote=“the.sams, post:10, topic:2899339”]Or in other words, Gearbox knowingly and deliberately cut existing (paid) content from the game, just to put it into yet another new DLC, forcing players to pay for that very same content once again.[/quote]I feared that might happen. And of course, it happens. That’s strike three.
For now I still have access to OP levels because the Linux version hasn’t been updated yet, but since I doubt Linux will actually receive the free-for-a-month-after-release treatment the other platforms got, I’ll probably be locked out at some point. They’ll surely update it eventually, just so they can screw over people once more. (I did try pressing the Download button on the DLC’s Steam page anyway, but Valve apparently didn’t expect DLCs with platform support that’s different from the base game, as the result was only BL2 launching in the background, which I promptly SIGTERM’ed as I didn’t order a launch, then SIGKILL’ed when it didn’t react within a few seconds.)

I think I’m out for now. Call me when/if BL3 becomes a freebie. Also, I’m pondering about erasing more of my Borderlands-related stuff, e.g. a certain backup on my SD card (regulars will know what that’s about).

For reference and posteriority, here is the relevant part of the UVHUP2 description on steam, as it still reads (emphasis mine):

[quote]For players who want to get the most out of their Borderlands 2 experience, the first Ultimate Upgrade Pack and Ultimate Upgrade Pack 2 can be combined for a max level cap of 72 , even more legendary gear, and new over-leveled modes.[/quote]My understanding of the legal stuff behind advertising is that everyone seeing this and then purchasing UVHUP2 (like I did a few years ago, when I grabbed all the BL2 things) is entitled to this.

And yes, the formatting of this post is half-broken. Not fixing it this time, I’m so fed up with Gearbox and the half-broken software they use and produce.

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Is there a fix for this situation yet ? Or will gearbox give us Lilith for free ? One or the other needs to happen. I paid for OP levels. I want my OP levels