I can trade almost any needed gear

I will only trade if u in return trade me a legendary sickle class mod

What lvl are you after exactly?

I have one but it’s not OP8

Thats fine i still want it

I have gear for almost every lvl

Do you have a Twister?

No sorry but thats the second rarest gun in the game

I have legendary cat legendary nija legendary sniper legendary berserker bunch of nofleets and unkepmt harolds sandhawks and more

Lol same

Do have any quirky blue class mods?

Yes for gunzerker whats u gt

I saw that u have a flying sandhawk as well if you could help me out and trade that

I’m also looking for another sandhawk

Gt: fathogan27
The class mods I want (to mess around with) are the tricky spy for zero and the mirrored trickster for Maya both blue with plus 6 for the first skill.
If you don’t have them (doubt you do they’re really random) I guess fastballs or a fire norfleet if you have one :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill be on in 10 minutes


Um I was just wondering if anyone had a Slag bitch op8?
Gt. SuperSpyro96