I cancelled my Battleborn preorder

Because now I see a digital deluxe edition on psn and since I want it asap I had to cancel the normal version I had preordered months ago.

You thought it was going to be a bashing topic? Deal with it haters :wink:


Whats psn and is it cheaper there?

Playstation store, for the ps4 and it comes basically with a season pass and extra stuff.

This thread shows that there’s no difference in the two versions if you’re on PS4. Well, except for the figurine that is retail exclusive I believe. :smiley:

Yeah, ya nearly got me :wink:

But, physicall pre-rders gett a figurine, who doesn’t like figurines?

You sure? I see on the Digital Deluxe description 5 new story operations, instant access to 5 new heroes, plus some other bonuses. I didn’t see the first 2 included in the normal version.

Looking at the numbers again, retail game + last 4 DLC (since PS4 gets first 1 for free), is $5 more than the digital deluxe for the same bonuses but also a figurine. So I guess if you don’t think the figurine is worth $5 the digital might be better.

Dammit! I bought this new pitchfork for nothing…

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But if you include sales tax (where applicable) then it should be about the same if not more for the physical copy.

Oh I get it now, so you were making a comparison between the digital and the physical copies, I was actually talking between the 2 versions available on psn.
For months there was just the normal version but since yesterday the psn store added the digital deluxe version, and since I wanted that one I was obliged to cancel my previous preorder.

Hope this clarifies everything.

I have been fooled. Well played, sir. Well played…

Ah I’m reading ya loud and clear. So why digital vs physical? I asked my roommate the same and just wondering if it’s the same reason.