I cannot access any planets other than Pandora

So I started this game on Thursday September 12th because of early release and got Zane up to level 24, I saved it a Sunday night while on the Hammerlock mission for Jakobs. I then loaded my character up on Monday night with my step-son and save it while on Pandora with him. He’s on a lower level so I figured I would bring my character in with him and play a bit. Well, tonight I go and load my character up on my progress and I am stuck on Pandora or Sanctuary. I can only go between those two locations. And when I exit into galaxy mode on the map, I see Athenas, Promethea, Pandora, and Eden 6, but will not let me select them. I’ve already tried every possible thing that I can think of to try and get my access to the planets back so I can continue my missions. Any suggestions?

Same thing here played with my level 34 with my lvl 1 brother and i cant go anywhere other than pandora and sanctuary but im gonna try continuing my tvhm to see if i can access them on there