I cannot access the DLC

So maybe I’m missing something basic or obvious; but I bought the super deluxe BL3 on Xbox one, everything says “installed” on the Xbox game store yet I cannot access the DLC. When I try to access it in game I t tells me that I have to purchase it on the Xbox game store, I follow the game prompt to the store and it says installed.

Can someone help me?


As was mentioned to everyone else that asked about this, the Moxxi DLC does NOT go live until December 19th. YES the new Patch added some components tied into the DLC, but you will NOT be able to play it until the 19th.

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Today is Dec 19th, I own the super deluxe edition and I can not access the Moxxi DLC. Can anyone help?

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Is it installed on your system yet? Check via Games & Apps > Manage BL3 - you should see either the downloaded DLC or a pending update. (The previous update did not add the DLC, just enable the functionality for it in the main game.)

Scratch that last part - just saw a post from the Community Manager stating that the DLC was included in last week’s update.

Which likely means you’ll need to make sure the current hotfix is applied before you launch a session?

Same, I own the super deluxe edition and the download is nowhere to be found

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I own it too, and it still says I need to purchase the season pass, is there any update on this?!

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Thank you for your reply.
Yes, my season pass has been installed. While in game, I go to the poster it says that I must purchase the DLC to play, select Y to purchase (XboxOne); It takes me to the season pass and no DLC is there. I have searched everywhere to see if I can locate the Moxxi DLC - None listed on my nor my husbands XboxOne. Help?

In addition, I have made sure the hotfix was applied. Still nothing.

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It could just be that you’re early - as far as I can make out, the official kick off is at noon Eastern, which is still 44 minutes away by my clock.

Borderlands replied to me on their Facebook page, the update is live at 9am pst and if you have the super deluxe purchased it should be accessible at that time

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Thank you!

If it isn’t available to us at that time, then we riot ;p lol

Update is now live


Does anyone know how to get there? I still see the poster, no way to access DLC

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I’m downloading the Season Pass now, which must contain quite a bit of the DLC, it’s showing me a 6.06 GB DL.

And of course prior to 9 AM PT the Season Pass was showing Installed as it should have been.

Waiting, may as well play BL1 on my PS4 while this completes.
EDIT: But at least it’s downloading at more than 100 Mbytes per second, which is rare and nice.
EDIT 2: After I DL’ed the 6 gig, the button was still saying install so I clicked it again and got an additional 10 meg of something. So keep clicking until it says manage.

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I think, that the problem is the hotfix is not applied yet. If it would be, I assume there is a banner for DLC in the main menu.

Hmm, this doesn’t sound right. Hotfix will be online in six hours. Would be weird if we should wait that time for fix after release of the DLC?! :upside_down_face: :wink:

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I had to install another addition to the Season Pass (?) maybe an update to the pass? Then the Moxxi DLC appeared in the dowload area. 6.06GB on my system. Same as the Season Pass update(?) another 6.06GB. I also found a “Boosts Mod Pack” in my download or related game info.
Hopes this helps someone.


I am up and running. Thank you for this forum and help!