I cannot enter the area to defeat SH4DOW-TP the second time

I defeated SH4DOW-TP on the first go-around and in the story he tricks you by pretending to be Handsome Jack when you give him back the H-Soruce back, so now I have to defeat SH4DOW-TP a second time. The problem is i chose to head back to Concorda to sell off my loot, but now i cannot return to the area that SH4DOW-TP is located to defeat him a second time. I can’t fast-travel since Deck 13½ doesn’t appear on the list, and manually walking to the area is blocked off with a big “Do not enter” logo at it’s entrance while in the Nexus. I can not finish this mission. :frowning:

I’ve also noticed that this DLC is in two parts (on the 360). The second part (Claptastic Voyage & UVHUP2) is less than 500mb, It keeps showing it self in the Downloadble Content list as “new” but I have purchased it and downloaded it before. It lists it as not downloaded yet I’ve downloaded this NUMEROUS times and it doesn’t seem to register with-in the game. Maybe this is why I’m having issues returning to Deck 13½ to finish this mission?

My part 2 is also showing as “New” in the in-game Downloads menu, but it’s on my hard drive and I’ve played through the entire DLC, so I don’t know what’s up with that at all.

In the fast travel menu, you should The Nexus, the two Cluster locations, and the Subconscious. You need to travel to the Subconscious then walk/run all the way through the Sub-subconscious to the arena area, then go up through the tower to get back to where Shadow-trap is waiting for you. Deck 13.5 is closed off because you’re not fighting him in the real Deck 13.5 but a fake.

Don’t know which mode you’re on (true, ultimate, etc.) but take high damage/fire rate shock weapons for shield stripping - you will need them!