I can't be the only one. Loot-permanent-clypse?

Hey all, I’ll keep this nice, short and sweet.

Make lootpocalypse changes permanent. PvE was quite fun again getting some sweet gear and cheaper packs. I actually have some decent epic gear now because I was able to buy more packs. Anyway, I am worried that making gear to uber-grindy is not a good idea, especially since new friends of Boldur are starting off with way less gear than those of us who’ve been playing for a while. Let’s make it happen!


While I did love the super legendary drop rate I don’t mind the pre-lootpocalypse drop rate as long as they don’t revert it to before the legendary bump a few weeks ago. Though I do agree that something needs to be done with the packs, especially for the faction packs.


I don’t think all of the lootpocalypse changes should be permanent. The legendary drop rate for PvE missions is, most definitely, still crazy high (farming legendaries isn’t so much about getting the legendary but getting a max stat version) so I don’t think it needs to be returned to the lootpocalypse “not getting a legendary drop is less common that getting one, or more”. The price tweaks for loot packs I definitely think should be made permanent, along with a drastic increase (along the lines of the PvE drop rate increase) to the chance of getting a legendary from a loot pack.

TL:DR Drop rate increase not necessary; loot pack tweaks totally should be; also, increase loot pack legendary drop rate


The fee for faction loot was more reasonable, makes little sense to charge 1900 for 2 pieces of junk.


Yeah, it was fun for the event but by the end getting a Legendary drop wasn’t as special anymore. That said they should:

A) do a Lootpocolypse event again in the future, it was super fun. Idea for the next one: add the loot pack legendaries to the drop tables of the bosses at random for the event.
B) as others have said, drop the prices of the Faction Packs permanently, maybe not not all the way to 800 CR, but something closer to that.


Agree with all, but especially with this point.

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Lootpocalypse. All the greens from story missions that a group of friends can ask for. I seen more legendaries before lootpocalypse. Now I can’t get anywhere close to the Doomsday Key

[quote=“horrorshow22, post:5, topic:1542142, full:true”]A) do a Lootpocolypse event again in the future, it was super fun. Idea for the next one: add the loot pack legendaries to the drop tables of the bosses at random for the event.

Now that they’ve worked out the kinks, I think it would be great if they just did it as a monthly thing (e.g. 3rd weekend of every month is Lootpocalypse weekend). They could do the same thing with double xp and/or double credit weekends (on 1st weekend of every month). It’s uncommon enough to be special but regular enough to be something to look forward to (and get your friends psyched for).


For me at this point I’m not as worried about legendaries, but maybe just up the quantity and quality of other drops a bit. I liked during lootpoc that we would get epics and rares at least 1-2 per game. But also a monthly event or something like that would also be a good idea because:

  1. Will bring more people into PvE
  2. Will woo back a few players who have been playing other things, but still want that sweet gear, and
  3. Will be good for newer players to get more gear, learn more about the fav character, and maybe even play with helpful vets who point out certain things about PvE, such as getting the helix upgrades in chests, etc…


My command page is telling me I’ve completed 240 PvE missions, and there are still a large number of legendaries that I’d like but don’t have. Vow of Vengeance, Leechsteel Brooch, “Alamo-7” Armor, Vyn’s Quiver, Intermittent Angel …

I find that the bosses drop the same legendaries for me, darn near every time. I have at least 4 trillion Guardian Shieldbreakerers and Chrono Keys. Not one Vyn’s Quiver. I have 1.26 trillion Stable Executioners and Oath of the Sustained, not one Leechsteel Brooch or Vow of Vengeance. Strangely, I’ve completed Episode 6 19 times and don’t have a single legendary from that mission.

Maybe we can get a Legendary-Trade-In program going? :slight_smile:

I’m curious to know, for the people that have all the legendaries they want raining from the sky - how many completed missions do you have? 240 completed missions is at least 120 hours, probably a lot more, since I did about half of those solo.

The drop rates are still pretty good. Remember they raised the legendary rate back in late june.

[quote=“trevordmoore, post:10, topic:1542142, full:true”]I’m curious to know, for the people that have all the legendaries they want raining from the sky

I have a majority of legendaries, but that’s not to say I have had all of the possible legendaries drop nor have I had a remotely equal number of them drop. Check out this thread I made shortly after they increased the legendary drop rate.

I agree with others that the current legendary drop rate is fine, but I would like to see the pack prices remain. As well as an increase to the drop rates for cosmetics and legendaries from packs.

I think having 950 credits per Faction pack is reasonable as a base price. A majority of drops will likely be either common or uncommon anyway.

I never use legendaries except a couple which are character specific, but I’d love reduced faction pack prices given how atrocious they are at actually giving you skins/taunts you don’t already have.