I can't be the only one who loves Rath's ice cream skin

I’ve been hearing several complaints towards the new summer skins (with the exception of Shayne’s) and for a while, I was kinda on the same boat. However, after a couple days, I decided to get the “Just Desserts” skin anyways since Rath is my main and the idea of slicing people into thousands of bits with popsicles was kinda funny.

Then I used his ult.

I haven’t laughed as hard as I did when I heard the ice cream truck music in a while. Something about it is just so perfect, and I’ve even managed to get a few laughs out of my teamates as well.

That was a 5 bucks well spent. My only complaints are that: A. his skills still have their default red texture to them and B. when he grabs his level 7 helix “To The Point”, his swords revert back to their red color.


I find this skin to be quite delicious.


It was most definitely the music that made it for me

I need a video for this. Now.

WITHOUT A DOUBT my favorite skin so far, i always get a giggle out of him licking his swords

Is the level 7 thing still happening? @joekgbx